Spring TX Chiropractor that Takes Blue Cross Blue Shield

When it comes to a Spring TX chiropractor that takes Blue Cross Blue Shield, you need to get the best chiropractor in the greater Houston area. If North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine appeared in your search results, then you already got the best chiropractor in your sights. Our services help you overcome your injuries and make a full recovery. As an independent third party for health care, we focus on the healing process so you can get back on your feet.

We accept health plans from a variety of health care service corporations. This way, you can enjoy our assistance without breaking the bank. When you leave this website app site, make sure you have all of the information you need for your chiropractic care and coverage. We treat everything from neck to shoulder, back, disc, limb, and spinal pain. Our mission is to treat all joint and muscle pain with quality results.

We work with several different health insurance companies. These companies include the Mutual Legal Reserve Company, Aetna, an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance’s division of health care, Anthem, and many more. We help you apply your health insurance to our services, making the process straightforward.

Our office is available from Monday to Thursday from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM and again from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM. We know how essential it is to be convenient, which is why we offer these hours. Once you find the right time for you, please call us and let’s get you a Spring TX Chiropractor that takes Blue Cross Blue Shield.

North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine

We’re a Spring TX chiropractor that takes Blue Cross Blue Shield

A Spring TX Chiropractor that Takes Blue Cross Blue Shield

North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine is here to make sure that your recovery goes as smoothly as possible. Our goal is to ensure that anyone suffering from sports or automotive injury can heal as fast as they can. We focus on your injury and determine which treatment would be best for you. When it comes to day-to-day activities, you must be in tip-top shape to handle them effectively. With our reliable service, you can be back up and moving freely before you know it.

We work vigorously to ensure that you get the best chiropractic care in the city. Dr. Runnels performs incredible work on all of his patients and goes the extra mile to make sure their treatment sticks. Whether you need spinal decompression or cold laser therapy, all of our services are designed to maximize your comfort while minimizing your pain. By the time we’re done with your injury, you’ll experience better musculoskeletal health.

The two most common methods in which someone is injured in today’s society are sports and car accidents. Each of these injuries is very similar and require similar treatment. For a chiropractor like Dr. Runnels, these injuries are simple. Chiropractors need to be precise and experienced to be effective. Dr. Runnels has the expertise and knowledge necessary for excellent work. With his skills, you can count on Houston’s most reliable results.

Whenever we get a new patient, we offer a free consultation. This way, you can get a free checkup and diagnosis regarding your pain. Get a professional medical opinion at no cost today, with North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine.

Dr. Timothy Runnels

The Woodlands TX Anthem Blue Cross Chiropractor

Dr. Timothy Runnels

Our very own Dr. Runnels and his staff do everything they can to produce the most exceptional outcome for all of our clients. Whether it’s spinal damage or severe migraines, he aids you with your recovery. Dr. Runnels graduated with his Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Houston. After this, he went on to attend the Texas Chiropractic College for his chiropractic Doctorate and the Moody Health Center for acupuncture.

Dr. Runnels also served as the Texas Chiropractic College Alumni Organization’s president for three years. Once he concluded his time there, he spent a few years as a personal trainer for recovering athletes. This is what gave him the idea to begin his clinic and widen his services to all residents of Houston. With the aid of his wife and nurses, Dr. Runnels has brought the Houston area some of the best chiropractic care.

Chiropractic Services for Your Benefit

We here at North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine knows that you need the best services for your injury. With our help, you’ll be back on your feet in no time, regardless of muscle, joint, or spinal pain. We provide our services for anyone suffering from sports-related, auto-related, or any type of related injury. So let us help you today and say goodbye to those aches and pains.

Sports and Car-Related Injuries

As any athlete can tell you, games often result in some nasty damage to the body. Whether it’s the neck, back, or shoulder pain, those injuries can become much worse if not dealt with soon enough. With the right treatment, we can reduce your pain, and the time it takes to recover. For sports and automotive injuries, you may suffer from severe conditions like concussions and broken limbs.

More minor injuries may include sprained wrists and ankles, migraines and headaches, muscle pain. No matter how severe the damage is, the healing process requires care and attention. Our clinic is stocked with staff that knows how to handle your condition and maintains comfort and ease. If you find yourself feeling sore or aching from a car crash or game, it’s best to get it checked out immediately. And with our free checkup for first-time patients, there’s no better choice than Dr. Runnels.

If you leave severe spinal damage alone for too long, it can result in permanent damage and paralysis. To avoid an outcome like that, make sure you get the treatment you need as soon as you can.

Spring TX Chiropractor that Takes Blue Cross Blue Shield

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North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine is dedicated to better health care and treatment for your injuries. Once you feel the pain or soreness creep up on you, don’t let too much time pass before getting it handled. Call (281) 443-1287 or find us online for more information. For the best possible results for your treatment, make sure you get a Spring TX Chiropractor that takes Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Spring TX Fun Facts

  • Spring hosts a variety of events all year that are family-friendly
  • According to rumors, Bonnie and Clyde visited Spring back in the 1930s
  • Collins Park is a beautiful park that features 55 acres of recreational fun!
  • For more facts, check here.

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