Physiotherapy and Rehab

Physiotherapy encourages patients to use their bodies and improve their muscular flexibility in order to overcome physical issues. These treatments implement regular exercise so that the person is able to improve their strength.

Is it time for you to find physiotherapy and an injury rehabilitation specialist in Spring? North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine wants to lead you into recovery. We are fully prepared to help you heal your body with physical therapy so you can move forward in life with newfound confidence in your ability.

Physiotherapy and Rehab in Spring TX

You might be questioning what exactly physiotherapy constitutes. What does it treat, and how? Well, physiotherapy is defined as treatment of disease, injury, or deformity by physical methods. These methods can include heat treatment, exercise, and massage instead of drug treatment. All of these help to relieve pain as well as improve your ability to move and function. This rehabilitation method is first recommended or prescribed by a medical practitioner. It is effective on patients who have been in auto accidents, have sports injuries, arthritis, injuries and fractures, or who suffer from disabilities.

Physiotherapy encourages patients to use their bodies and improve their muscular flexibility in order to overcome physical issues. These treatments implement regular exercise so that the person is able to improve their strength. This means that you can improve your mobility in a comfortable environment while also recovering from your illness or injury.

Physiotherapy has also been used in pediatrics, orthopedics, sports recovery, neurology, geriatrics, and matters related to the heart.

Is This Different From Chiropractic Care?

Yes, because a chiropractor can treat your spine and order special tests such as MRIs and x-rays. A physiotherapist cannot, but they can analyze your range of motion and limitations.

How Will You Implement Physiotherapy to Treat Me?

When you become a physical therapy patient with North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine in Spring, you will be evaluated by our injury rehabilitation specialists and physicians first. They analyze your medical history, posture, pain, the range of motion, joint mobility, or disability to determine the source of your discomfort. After this source is located, they can work with your chiropractor to determine the recommended treatment that is fully customized with your needs in mind. This means that your treatment plan is yours and yours alone.

How often you visit and how long the visits last for your physical therapy is between you and your Spring area chiropractor or injury rehabilitation specialist. However, he will recommend a schedule based on his evaluations of your condition.

As long as you adhere to the plan the doctor has given you, the treatment can be successful. Through teamwork and commitment, we can help you find a speedy recovery and get back on your feet.

What Kind of Physiotherapy Do You Offer?

Let’s take a look at some of these methods we have available to you.


An ultrasound treatment utilizes the vibrations of ultrasonic frequencies to use in medical imaging. This is most often used for examining the fetuses inside pregnant women, and is also used to evaluate abdominal issues in other people who aren’t pregnant. In our office, we are not using it for the purpose of looking inside of your body. We utilize the ultrasonic frequences to simulate the body’s natural healing process and activate your soft tissue and muscle. This treatment can be used for joints, muscle spasms, and injuries in soft tissue. It relaxed the strain in the body through a slight heating effect and frequency that affects the cellular level of your body.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation

This treatment uses a very small electrical current to reduce swelling and release trigger points straining the body. The electrical current affects the soft tissue through physical vibration and helps the body release endorphins for pain relief.

This therapy is recommended to treat muscle spasms in the back or neck. It helps the muscles return to their natural state through a quick zap and facilitates healing. Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt!


Interferential Electro-Therapy

This method aims to heal your spasms, sprains, and soft tissue injuries. Through the use of a low simulated frequency, we can reach your internal injuries and speed them towards healing. There is no pain involved and this is a very comfortable procedure.

Just like electrical current therapy, this treatment helps your body to release endorphins for the purpose of pain relief. It also releases your strained or clamped muscles.

Physiotherapy in Spring

Make sure that you are wearing comfortable clothing that doesn’t restrict you but is also snug when you come in for physiotherapy. This way, we can help you to the best of our ability. At North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine in Spring, we can guide you down the path of healing with physical therapy. Come see our injury rehabilitation specialists today.

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