Sports Injury

When a sports injury occurs and it requires surgery, we have rehabilitation programs that you can visit after the surgery. If it isn’t serious enough to require surgery, our doctors can diagnose the injury directly.

No matter what sport you play, there will always be the chance of injury. With so much force and resistance at stake, it can be a risk, to say the least. Yet, that doesn’t stop the most passionate among us. It won’t stop us from tending to those that do get hurt either. As a Spring area sports medicine clinic with a chiropractor specializing in physical therapy for athletes we are well aware of the possibilities, and we’re prepared to address your injury. There are plenty of treatments that a chiropractor can provide which aids greatly in recovery. For this webpage, we will discuss the potential remedies that you might receive from our chiropractic care. Whether it’s your back, your arms, or your legs, our Spring area sports medicine chiropractor will be happy to work with you. Our priority revolves around returning our clients to their best form.



When it comes to chiropractic, the most common conception is that we work with spinal health solely. However, that isn’t always the case and there are many options that we can provide for injuries all across the body. For instance, when a sports injury occurs and it requires surgery for the leg, we have rehabilitation programs that you can visit after the surgery. If it isn’t serious enough to require surgery, our doctors can diagnose the injury directly. With our physical therapy, leg training will be more effective and connected to a plan of action. We can use muscle excitation, which will send electric impulses to certain groups of muscles. This causes them to contract lightly, at a pace that encourages healing. Depending on the injury, if it is a ligament tear like an ACL or something less severe like an ankle sprain, you could be working with us on a day to day or weekly basis. Often times, a brace or some sort of wrap which applies pressure and holds the injury in place can be quite effective. All of these options are available at our Spring sports medicine chiropractic office, and we can even manage your pain through methods such as acupuncture and physical therapy.


All appendages are connected to certain nerve groups. These nerves allow that area of the body to move and feel. For the case of arms, the brachial plexus nerves are the primary contributors. This group of nerves stretches down from your neck to the upper shoulder and keeps the arms in connection with the brain. For most injuries, they are linked to these nerves and their control of pain that you feel. Now, if these nerves are damaged, you could have even more difficulty and pain in your arms. For any serious injury that causes pain of this nature, most of the common avenues of treatment regard medication. However, this is only a mere temporary fix. The best work for rehabilitation comes with direct addressing. A chiropractor can focus on the muscles, the bones, ligaments, and tendons with hands-on tactics to aid in your recovery. We are capable of linking such injuries with underlying nerve damage too. In the event of injury from sports, a chiropractor can help you get back into the game properly. Rather than being given medication or surgery alone, we are actively working to you bring your arm back to its full potential.

Upper Body

As is the common trend for chiropractors, the spine is the most sought after category of work. It’s not only one of the largest and most powerful muscle groups in the human body, but it can be prone to serious injury. That is because of how used it is on a daily basis, the wear can affect anyone over time. There are many people living in chronic pain day in and day out because of their back and many times, it’s from an injury long ago. When we are exposed to injury, especially from sports, the notion can be to heal as fast as possible to get back on the field. Most of the time this counteracts the healing process. You may have been able to play for more games but at the cost of total recovery! This often leads to recurring injuries that can cause a lot of trouble and pain. When it comes to your spine, a chiropractor can take very in-depth measures to rehabilitate you. There are processes such as spinal decompression and electric muscle stimulation that can relieve the pressure and motivate the muscles to heal. There are programs that aid in restoring your mobility as well.

We’ll Take Care Of Your Body, Not Just Your Back

At North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine, we care about more than just the injuries your spine receives. There are plenty of possible injuries that could affect all different parts of your body and we want to let you know that we can help. With a holistic intention at heart, we want to bring full body treatment to our clients. Their sports injuries are not restricted to just back care. Whether it’s your leg, your arm, or your back, with our programs you could be feeling brand new! When you’re looking for a qualified Spring area sports medicine chiropractor experienced in physical therapy for athletes, contact North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine.

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