Chiropractor for Pregnancy

We understand all of the possible ways you could be uncomfortable and why. We want to help alleviate it so you can continue to focus on your new life and member of the family.


When you are pregnant, your body undergoes a lot of physical changes. You may not even be aware of all of the changes that occur. Women’s bodies complete the amazing feat of rearranging organs and bone structure to make room for her child. While this is amazing, it can easily have adverse physical effects years after the baby is born. For example, many women’s hips remain wider than they were before and this has the potential to cause them discomfort. You could also be consistently uncomfortable throughout your third trimester due to the amount of extra weight on your spine. Our Spring area prenatal chiropractor will work with you to ensure complete spinal care and joint pain relief during all stages of your pregnancy.

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A Spring area prenatal chiropractor can help with this. In fact, many pregnant women and mothers see chiropractors regularly for spinal care, joint pain relief and other issues related to their pregnancies. So, what exactly happens when you’re pregnant that has such huge effects on your body?

Your Pelvis Expands

Yes, you read that right. The joints and ligaments around your pelvis loosen so that your pelvic bone can actually expand. This change occurs to make giving birth easier. However, it usually doesn’t reverse itself so quickly, or at all. Many women talk about permanent changes to their hips after pregnancy. The new width is not an illusion. You pelvic bone has indeed opened up more, and you may notice that your pants don’t fit the same or that your stance is different.

While gaining wider hips may not be an issue, it can lead to feelings of discomfort, pain, and even instability. It would be beneficial for you to visit a Spring area prenatal chiropractor during or after your pregnancy to help with this change in your skeletal system.

Your Spine Curves Forwards More

As the baby grows, your uterus expands forward and most of your weight rests that way. This causes the pressure on your spine to increase. In order to keep the balance, your spine actually curves forward to accommodate the weight. This is meant to prevent you from tipping over but it is the famous cause of many women’s back pain during pregnancy. In some cases, your spine may also rotate, causing you even more problems.


This is a huge change to experience and as your pregnancy continues, it will become worse. Giving birth may not relieve it completely within a certain frame of time. Therefore, you need to be prepared for your discomfort and be aware that a Spring area prenatal chiropractor could help with spinal care and joint pain relief. We know you would rather be worrying about your new little one.

Your Feet Can Grow

This may sound a bit crazy, but it’s true. Many women report going up a shoe size after pregnancy. This change likely occurs while relaxing hormones are being circulated throughout your body so that you will have an easier time delivering. While it seems impossible that you could grow after puberty, it is a very real symptom many women have.

When your feet change, your stance, balance, and weight distribution change with them. This has huge effects on the rest of your body, most notably your spine. You may have not expected this change and everything that comes with it, but North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine can help you.


How Can Chiropractic Help Pregnant Women?

Chiropractic practice is the art of healing through gentle manipulation of the spinal column and neuromusculoskeletal system. While you are navigating your pregnancy and your post-pregnancy body, we can help you become reacquainted with comfort. We understand all of the possible ways you could be uncomfortable and why. This is entirely normal during this time. We want to help alleviate it so you can continue to focus on your new life and member of the family.

However, you may be experiencing some issues with your hips or spine years after giving birth. You may have not considered that it was due to that time. Whatever the problem, we will help you get to the root of it so we can guide you into a painless future.

Don’t allow yourself to continue to be uncomfortable or in pain. The state of your body affects the state of your mind. Come in to see our Spring based prenatal chiropractor today for reliable spinal care and joint pain relief.

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