You might consider acupuncture if you are suffering from a long term illness, or you are dealing with pain from a treatment or injury.
Many people can consider using acupuncture for relaxation or recuperation.

The practice of Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese tradition. It is essentially based on energy balance. The notion that arose many thousands of years ago was that there is an innate flow of energy that every human being coordinates. At the time it was believed to be directly tied to Qi, which was the core component in the concepts Yin and Yang. The lore states that if there were disruptions in the flow, then the human would fall ill or succumb to undesirable circumstances. Acupuncturists combat these imbalances by stimulating sensory faculties closer to the skin.

Just Becoming Popular

Over time there has been a lot of fascination about this practice. Introducing 2,500 years of Chinese culture with the rest of the western world has sparked a huge debate on the value and legitimacy of such practices. In fact, before President Nixon revered the foreign study in 1972, it was more or less disregarded in western society. However, after this occurred, it sparked fascination worldwide. Through continuous research and testing, the field of acupuncture has gained acclaim in the medical world. Pundits have advocated its use as a holistic form of healing. Thus, it has become a unique and lauded in modern society. When in the field of chiropractic, acupuncture is a more specialized feature that your chiropractor can perform upon you.

The scientific explanation of why this method can be effective is based on the neural mechanisms that arise from physiological stimulation. One of the most popular forms of acupuncture regards the use of thin needles made of metal. Through the placement of an array of needles, in tangent with the meridian system (energy flow), there is a mental reaction. The acupuncturist urges the body to release neurochemicals that directly affect mood and energy. Research has shown that the stimulation from acupuncture can incur opioid and peptide distribution throughout the nervous system. These are most notable for their ability to alleviate pain and stressors. There are also changes noted in the endocrine system that affects mood and functionality, also. Therefore, it can also affect the pain and tension in areas of the body that might be contributing to the ailments experienced.

What Can You Use Acupuncture To Treat? 

The uses of Acupuncture range from an alternative form of medicine to an additional measure in a comprehensive regiment of treatments. These can fall under a number of different illnesses and conditions. For example, it has been used to combat the symptoms of chemotherapy, the pains after dental surgery, and those caused by menstrual cramps, headaches, carpal tunnel, stroke, and addiction. There are many other conditions that acupuncture can be used for, too. In fact, due to the early stage of its influence in modern society, the uses for it are only just now surfacing. New research will result in the discovery of more and more ailments that can be treated through acupuncturists.  This potentially groundbreaking method of medicine is even getting popular amongst chiropractors.

You might consider acupuncture if you are suffering from a long term illness, or you are dealing with pain from a treatment or injury. These situations are often times very painful and aggravating, and it can make a bad situation worse.  Managing the pain and the bodies ability to heal can be greatly affected, too. This is not the only case, though. Many people can consider using acupuncture for relaxation or recuperation. People even feel effects if they’re not sick. Many times the spiritual replenishment can lead many to feel even healthier than normal. It can help stimulate the bodies immune system and strengthen the bodies natural defenses. As a result, it is extremely effective in mitigating the pains and issues that arise during rehabilitation. This is usually the main element which chiropractors use this practice for.

What Is Happening With Acupuncture Now?

This holistic form of treatment is rapidly growing in popularity. New companies and doctors from all over the world are taking up these methods with a fervor. While there are still legal and certification issues that need to be addressed it is for complex matters. Your usual treatments are still just fine. The assimilation of acupuncture into western medicine has been essentially fluent since the 1970s and new technology is only encouraging the gap to get smaller and smaller. Fortunately, you won’t have to wait that long because our locations in Spring already offer acupuncture. Our head chiropractor and founder Dr. Runnels is actually a specialist in acupuncture and can offer treatments that incorporate its ancient teachings. Stop by at one of our locations in the greater Houston area and see for yourself!

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