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Are you an athlete and in need of a Spring Texas sports chiropractor near me? Well, fortunately, we are in your area. Our background in physical therapy will also be able to help. The w

ork we offer is full of diverse blends of practices and remedies that can help you perform your best. North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine prides itself on the number of treatments we can provide our clients. From basic chiropractics to revolutionary practices.

We can even offer acupuncture for you if you’re curious to try it. Each of these practices is effective at restoring functionality and relieving pain, which you may be feeling. As an athlete, your body undergoes immense stress and resistance.

That’s why we want to encourage those engaged in sports to come and get an examination from their chiropractor. It’s a precaution we recommend to keep you healthy and prevent injuries from happening. Let’s get you back in the game and keep your performance at an all-time high.

What Type Of Sports Injuries Do We Cover?

We want to highlight some of the injuries that our chiropractic care can handle. While not all injuries are within our realm of aid, we want to make you aware of what is. This way, if you find yourself injured but don’t think it’s worth an emergency room visit, you can give us a call and find out for sure.

Head Injuries

If you are hit in the head while practicing sports, there are several adjustments and treatments we can assist with. For example, if you were injured in the neck and received nerve damage or vertebra damage. Furthermore, we can also aid in headaches or migraines that may have been caused by a hit or tackle.

Arm and Leg Injuries

No matter if you received an injury to your arms or legs that deals explicitly with your muscles, your joints, or your tendons, we work with you. We’ll be able to aid in strains, pulls, tears, and also any issues in terms of flexibility and overcompensation.

Muscle or Nerve Damage

Of course, muscles and nerves are all over the body, but we want to reiterate that we are very proficient in dealing with these conditions. Nerve damage is one of the primary reasons that chiropractic care was developed. If you received a pinched nerve causing you pain or other adverse side effects, North Houston Spine is here to relieve your pain.

You deserve to live pain-free. Don’t go another day in pain. Let North Houston Spine take care of your sports injuries, auto injuries, or simple preventative measures.

What Services Can Help With Those Injuries?

Spinal Adjustment

This treatment regards the manipulation of the muscles and joints in your back. Through force and pressure, a chiropractor can reduce the pain, swelling, and tension in affected areas. This can help with any of the neck or spine injuries.

Spinal Decompression

If you were dealing with nerve damage or muscle strains, a few sessions for spinal decompression could do wonders. In most cases, the problems with nerves are due to an increase in pressure that causes the bones to infringe on the nerves. For instance, sciatica is the result of pressure on the sciatic nerve that causes immense pain. A decompression treatment can reverse these symptoms and release the pressure on the nerve.

Post Surgery Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy

Of course, if the conditions were more or less severe than we had mentioned earlier, you could only need rehabilitation. This would refer to people who need to work themselves back to full fitness. This is either because their injury is slight and requires micro-adjustments, or they have just finished surgery, and their body is weak. Rehabilitation and physical therapy from us will ensure that it is done in line with your musculoskeletal system. This way, you can heal most effectively without growing into complications from poor recovery.

Our Practice

They are many times that our patients come suffering from enormous pain or confusion over their illnesses at times. In relieving them of such pain, we feel relief. Our practitioners have developed considerably and offer much more than just an adjustment.

Our equipment is state-of-the-art and enables us to use some of the most revolutionary chiropractic techniques. The owners Theresa and Dr. Timothy Runnels can provide their clients with the best care exactly when they need it.

Additionally, Dr. Runnels is a qualified acupuncturist, a point for those who prefer holistic practices. We have spent more than 20 years in the field and more than a decade in Spring, Texas alone. North Houston Spine is exceptionally passionate about helping people get back to their best fitness. A chiropractic modification can truly make a significant impact on your health.

Stop searching for Spring Texas Sports Chiropractor near me and stop by North Houston Spine today! We accept walk-ins and will provide you with the best advice to get you started on your journey to recovery.

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North Houston Spine & Medicine wants to create a holistic practice that still stays as up to date as the modern world provides. Treatment of our quality is not available in a widespread manner today. This is why we take such pride in the practice; these methods are natural and often much more effective than pain killers.

Our chiropractic care can truly make a powerful impact on your life. We can help return you to full health and also encourage your best performance. If you’re looking to come walk-in, please feel free!

This courtesy is our gift to the modern world; we are happy to provide immediate service when clients need it most. Stop searching for Spring Texas Sports Chiropractor near and check out our website or give us a call at (281) 443-1287.

Spring, TX Fun Facts

  1. The city of Spring was #5 on CNN Money Magazine’s most affordable places to live
  2. Spring, Texas is located in two counties – Harris County and Montgomery County
  3. No zoning laws – this increases the importance of subdivision deed restrictions
  4. To learn more about Spring Texas, click here!

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