Auto Injury

Car accidents can be very traumatic events.
We treat many patients who have also been in car accidents and sustained injury from it, just like you.

Have you recently been in an auto accident? Are you still suffering from the consequences of one that happened long ago? Is your body experiencing internal pain that you just can’t shake? North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine can help you. Our Spring area auto injury chiropractor treats many patients who have been in car accidents and are now dealing with shoulder, neck or back pain.

Auto Injury Chiropractor in North Houston

Car accidents can be very traumatic events. Not only can you sustain mental and emotional damage due to shock and fear while also having to file insurance claims and potentially repairing your vehicle, but you can sustain physical injuries as well. In fact, the number of people who are seriously hurt or disabled due to car accidents is staggering.

Due to overwhelming demand, our auto injury chiropractor at North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine in Spring currently specializes in treating injuries related to auto accidents, including shoulder, neck and back pain. We fully understand your situation and what to do whatever we can to help.

How Bad Is It?

According to the ASIRT, or Association for Safe International Road Travel, 20-50 million people are injured or disabled in car accidents every year. This number is outlandishly large. Road crashes have become an epidemic on human health and life, and can unfortunately saddle you with some long-lasting consequences. You may have just been in an accident or you may be dealing with persistent issues from a previous one. Either way, we can help. First, let’s look at some common injuries related to the muscular or skeletal system that you can sustain after auto accidents.

Severe Migraines

Stress and trauma can bring about newfound symptoms involving headaches and migraines. Migraines, in particular, are very painful and can last for days, accompanied by a laundry list of adverse effects. Some of these effects may be nausea, dizziness, visual hallucinations, partial or temporary vision loss, throbbing head pain, and numbness. People who suffer from regular migraines benefit well from many forms of physical therapy. Chiropractic therapy is very effective in helping relieve some of these symptoms.


Back Pain

Your spine is very vulnerable during car accidents. An accident may have put stress or injury on your spine that you could have done without. Your back can also be affected by the other parts of your body that may be functioning incorrectly. For example, if you have a cast on your leg, you may be supporting yourself with crutches or a wheelchair. This may be causing you back pain. Or, you could have hurt your back during the accident, or issues with it are coming up years later and you feel it is related.

Whatever the situation with your back, a Spring area auto injury chiropractor can relieve shoulder, neck and back pain by gently manipulating your spinal column and surrounding muscle structure. This technique has been used for centuries to bring people suffering from back pain some comfort in life.

Neck Pain

If your spine was affected, you may be feeling a lot of that discomfort in your neck as well. It is where the base of your spine begins and surrounded by many nerves. Therefore, this area tends to experience some particularly uncomfortable strain. This strain can persist through your day-to-day life and ensure you have a difficult time navigating any situation. You cannot take pressure off of your neck since your head depends on it, which can be frustrating.

This can be altered by identifying the problem area and resolving it with healing hands.

The Extremities

Are your legs and arms experiencing pain, lack of functionality, or discomfort? We can aid you with this as well. Every part of your body is affected by the alignment of your spine. After all, it supports your entire skeletal structure. If you are seeking help for certain areas or your entire body, come see a chiropractor.

Get Relief For Your Auto Injury

Since our Spring area chiropractor is currently focusing on auto injuries, we have everything you need to heal at North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine. You should not have to tolerate shoulder, neck or back pain in your life because of an accident. Furthermore, we work with a highly competent law firm we can refer you to if you need help with your case relating to the accident. We can’t wait to see you in our office so that we can help you heal together.