Spring TX Chiropractors that take Aetna Near Me

Patients searching “Spring TX chiropractors that take Aetna near me” will find comfort at North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine. Dr. Runnels and his team accept Aetna insurance and many other insurance company policies. Chiropractic care is very beneficial for those suffering from pain in the back, neck, shoulders, head, and extremities.

The spine is a delicate area of the body, and its close relationship with the nervous system makes it complicated as well. So, Dr. Runnels will do his best to diagnose and treat your condition. He started his career as a personal trainer. During his time in the position, many of his clients were athletes with musculoskeletal injuries.

Spring TX Chiropractors that take Aetna Near Me

Car accidents can cause migraines, back pain, and more.

Eventually, Dr. Runnels’ interest peaked, and he started his medical education. Now. Dr. Runnels runs North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine with his wife. They offer the highest level of care with the highest form of kindness. He and his team will ensure the comfort of the patient.

First-time patients will get a free consultation on their first visit. So, new patients have nothing to lose when they schedule an appointment with Dr. runnels. If you have been in a car accident or have a sports injury, then he is the doctor to see. He and his team specialize in such injuries and can help patients feel better.

Automotive Accidents

There are between 20 to 50 million automotive accident injuries every year. Each of those injuries range in severity. A car crash can have a severe impact on the spine, which could lead to worse back problems later. A problem in the spine can lead to issues in other parts of the body. The impact the spine has on the rest of the body is monumental.

In fact, the spine is the largest collection of bones in the body and supports the entire skeletal system. If the spine sustains damage, then pain and discomfort become very apparent for patients. Dr. Runnels can help patients with issues such as the following:

Dr. Runnels offers pediatric chiropractic care, along with injuries from car accidents and sports.

  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Arm and leg pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Whiplash
  • Migraines
  • Headaches
  • Sciatica
  • Spinal disc injury

These issues can become apparent when a car accident occurs. The base of the spine is located in the neck, so it can easily cause migraines and pain in the area. North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine offers a wide range of treatment options for patients. Dr. Runnels will determine which is the best option and move from there.

Sports Injury Treatment

Similar to car accidents, sports can also cause severe injuries. Some injuries may require surgery, while some only need physical therapy. North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine can offer physical therapy for injuries after surgery or less serious injuries. Dr. Runnels can help patients diagnose and treat their injury. If surgery is needed, then Dr. Runnels can assist with rehabilitation.

On the other hand, some injuries only require physical therapy, which he and his team can provide. Any sport is capable of injuring a player. Thankfully, North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine offer several treatment options for athletes. Dr. Runnels had a great experience in musculoskeletal injuries prior to his education, so he is now an expert in diagnosing and treating them.

Therapy Options

North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine offer various treatment options for different types of injuries. However, it is important to note chiropractic care is not only for injuries. Pregnant women and children can take advantage of chiropractic care. These two demographics’ bodies are changing and are capable of developing back pain. Fortunately, Dr. Runnels can help them adjust to their changing bodies and improve comfort. Below, patients will find a few treatment options with further detail about each.

Cold Laser Therapy

One treatment option at North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine is cold laser therapy. This technique takes advantage of recent laser technology by using a low-temperature laser. The laser is about the size of a flashlight and is completely painless. Once the laser is taken over the injured area, light passes through the skin. The muscle tissue then absorbs the light and activates intracellular metabolism.

Moreover, this natural system reduces pain, swelling, and improves overall healing. Cold laser therapy is used by dentists and other doctors. In chiropractic care, the therapy is used to treat the following injuries and more.

Spring TX Chiropractors that take Aetna Near Me

Dry needling speeds up the process of trigger point therapy by penetrating the point of tension.

  • Ligament sprains
  • Muscle sprains
  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Knee pain
  • Muscle Spasm pain

Trigger Point Therapy

Another therapy option focuses on releasing spots around the body, known as trigger points. Trigger points are found beneath the skin, where they store stress and tension. The stressed and tensed areas are capable of creating bruises, sore areas, and pain. Trigger point therapy‘s objective is to find these points and release them through massage or needles.

Trigger point therapy uses dry needling and massages to release tension and stress. Dry needling is a way to speed up the process and is completely painless. This process is also much different from acupuncture, which strives to realign a patient’s energy or “chi.” Dry needling uses very small needles, so patients do not feel anything, and the process goes much faster.

Spinal Decompression

If patients are experiencing a herniated disc, then spinal decompression can help. A herniated disc (also known as a bulging, slipped, or ruptured disc) is when the inner nucleus is pushed out into the spinal canal through a rip or tear. This injury can occur when the spine comes under immense pressure. Spinal decompression helps reduce stress on the spine so the nucleus can return to its place.

Spring TX Chiropractors that take Aetna Near Me

Patients with sports or auto accident injuries should get in touch with North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine today. New patients get a free consultation for their first visit. Plus, they will feel as comfortable as possible. Patients can reach Dr. Runnels and his team by calling (281) 443-1287. There are many demographics and injuries that can be soothed by North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine. So, stop searching “Spring TX chiropractors that take Aetna near me” and start calling.

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