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Spring TX blue cross chiropractor is the type of facility you need if you’re facing an injury. Book an appointment with North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine. We work with blue cross blue shield to get you the service you need. When you choose us, we’re sure to take care of your injury. Some people believe chiropractors only work on the spine. However, North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine does more than spine work. For example, if you’re experiencing carpal tunnel, we can help.

Carpal tunnel is a narrow passageway in the wrist that spans about an inch wide. The floor and sides of the tunnel form by small wrist bones called carpal bones. The carpal tunnel protects the median nerve and flexor tendons, which can bend the fingers and thumb. During carpal tunnel, you’ll experience a numbness and tingling sensation throughout your hand and arm caused by a pinch to a nerve. A chiropractor can use a device that emits focused sound waves, penetrating deep into your body tissue. These sound waves relax muscles, alleviate pain, and reduce inflammation. Also, using a wrist support will put your wrist in the proper alignment.

Many people become diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. Fortunately, we have a dedicated staff like North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine who can help you. When many people hear the term “chiropractor,” they imagine a person working on their back. However, this isn’t exactly true. A chiropractor does much more. We work on the body as a whole. Chiropractic work deals with aligning your spinal column to relieve pain and physically treat your ailment in a non-invasive manner. With that said, after you are diagnosed with chronic muscle pain, back pain, neck pain, or other conditions, we can help.

Spring TX blue cross chiropractor

We heal your back.

Spring TX Blue Cross Chiropractor Services

When it comes to injuries, auto-related ones have become a significant issue we deal with. If you’ve sustained an injury during an auto accident, there are many injuries we treat. Car accidents can become traumatic events depending on the situation. For instance, when you have back pain, it can become more severe than you initially thought. Unfortunately, our spine is sensitive to a lot of factors. When injured, it can cause paralysis or chronic pain. Your spine connects to a multitude of nerves that are responsible for essential functions throughout your body.

Perhaps the most significant example is paralysis when the communication through your spine is cut off from the bottom half of your body. As you can see, your spine is a vital asset to your body. Experiencing an accident from such a traumatic event can be stressful. Not to mention, if you’re dealing with a lawsuit or other legal matters, it can add stress to your already hectic life. Chronic stress can make your body turn on itself. Tension has a physical effect on you that’s impossible to ignore. During this time, tension gathers into your trigger points that cause pain in certain areas or even migraines.

We heal these trigger points so that the physical tension it causes can be relieved. Though you may not be able to remove stress from your life, we can ease the tension it creates. Also, you may have pain caused by sprains and strains. Sprains can cause pain, swelling, and bruising, where the accident happened. The feeling of having a sprain is uncomfortable, to say the least. However, when you come to us as your Spring TX blue cross chiropractor, we’ll heal your symptoms.

Spring TX blue cross chiropractor

Whiplash pain can be taken care of by us.

Other Injuries

Another type of injury is whiplash. Whiplash occurs during a jolting activity and can cause pain in unfortunate circumstances. If you find yourself in a crash, it can cause your neck to bob back and forth uncontrollably in response. This motion can cause an array of issues as well as misalignments within your body. Though we use our neck all the time, it is susceptible. Therefore, injuring it can cause a slew of other issues. The neck, as well as your head, is also connected to the spine. At the stem of your brain is where your spinal cord begins.

As you can imagine, this part integrates with an interconnected web of nerves responsible for motor functions and other brain activities. In that regard, a severe whiplash with enough force can be very harmful to the person involved. It can even affect your neural network. North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine will do everything we can to help you treat your whiplash. Usually, the best way to take care of whiplash injuries is through rest and rehabilitation. Your body will heal and do the rest. However, we can relieve these issues as well through spinal decompression and acupuncture. Patience is critical when dealing with injuries such as whiplash.

Spring TX blue cross chiropractor

Blue Cross Shield Chiropractor

Dr. Timoty Runnels was a personal trainer before becoming a chiropractor. He saw that athletes dealt with similar injuries frequently. From there, Runnels wanted to be a chiropractor to find techniques to treat such injuries. He contributes his chiropractic efforts to the people of Houston every week. He’s achieved a Bachelor of Science in Psychology at the University of Houston. Afterward, he pursued a chiropractic Doctorate at the Texas Chiropractic College. When you choose North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine, you’ll see that you are welcomed by professionals who love to help you.


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