Spring Texas Walk-in Chiropractor

Are you in need of a Spring Texas walk-in chiropractor? North Houston Spine has a range of treatments that each of our clients can benefit from. You may be experiencing pain from an auto injury or an a athletic journey.

There are several possible explanations for this pain that a chiropractor can help diagnose. This is why we offer walk-ins because we want to have the availability that people can depend on. Don’t worry about not being able to find a chiropractor in time, you can rest assured that North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine will have your back. Literally!

Conditions That We Treat

Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common ailments that people visit their chiropractor for. There are so many possible reasons that you could be experiencing pain, but we make sure to have treatments ready for as many as we can. These might include nerve damage like sciatica, spinal alignment issues such as scoliosis, disk injury, muscular pain or tension, and traumatic injury. Dealing with back pain is one of our primary focuses and we cover a huge degree of problems.

Neck and Head Pain

When it comes to the neck, it can be extremely fragile and sensitive to a lot of different issues. For example, you could be suffering from issues like migraines, whiplash, a slipped disc, pinched nerves and so on. Most of the time people who note experiencing an array of symptoms from pain, to vertigo and lack of mobility can come to chiropractors and leave successfully treated.  Your neck is connected directly to the spine, so there are a lot of treatments that coincide with both areas. We make it a priority to stabilize and rebuild your neck if you are injured. It’s a very delicate part of your body and requires a high degree of attention.

Extremity Pain

Finally, there are issues that you may experience in your appendages. Your legs and arms may be the location of your pain instead and we want to assure you that we can take care of that. Whether they are muscle tears, strains, sprains, broken bones or issues such as carpal tunnel, our chiropractor can help you. We can provide a range of treatments that are both alternative and orthodox, alongside a full body spinal alignment. This is mandatory for every visit, in fact. Often times issues of this nature are resultant from post-trauma and therefore we deal with physical therapy and rehabilitation quite regularly. Let us help and bring you back to your healthiest state, too!

Services That We Provide


This refers to the ancient Chinese practice of stimulating energy and musculoskeletal mechanisms for treating injuries and alleviating pain. Usually, it is done using small metal needles that are placed across the patient’s skin.

Spinal Decompression 

We can offer our patients the ability to fix back issues with spinal decompression in case of damaged spinal joints, muscles, or nerves such as sciatica. This consists of stretching and realigning your back muscles. The effect will be a release of pressure on the vertebrae, thereby increasing nutrient flow through the body and decreasing pain or inflammation.

Digital X-Rays

Instead of having to leave a separate facility, we can provide your readings in-house. For patients who have a trauma that requires x-rays before they can get treatment, it can be a huge benefit.

Cold Laser Therapy 

This is a relatively new area that is still being studied. It was a newer service that is used alongside acupuncture. To protect their eyes, the patient receives special glasses. Our dual laser system can focus throughout the body on pain points. It can alleviate muscle pain, nerve pain, damage to tissue, neck, etc. It can stimulate similar areas like acupuncture can, also.

Physio Therapy 

This is essentially physical therapy and concerns the body’s range of movement and flexibility. It is part of this service to strengthen the musculoskeletal system through active movement and low resistance rehabilitation. Your chiropractor will develop the proper treatment plan for you.

Trigger Point Therapy 

Similar to acupuncture, the use of needles to reach certain areas of the body is concerned with this type of therapy. These areas are referred to as trigger points as they contain muscle knots or bruises that require direct relief. It has been shown to bring about the rehabilitation of these specific locations by applying pressure to these particular triggers.

Spinal Adjustments 

For this treatment, the chiropractor will apply strength and pressure to your joints. They can increase the overall flexibility and alignment of your spine by moving them past their usual range of motion. This is one of the most common chiropractic practices that can be offered.

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While we didn’t list all of our services and conditions, we did highlight some of the more popular options that most have shown to experience. If you find some of these issues irritating you, whether for a short period or an extended amount of time, come and get help today! You can walk in, we will even give you a free consultation to help diagnose your issues.

If you do set your appointment up for that day, we can provide you with a full spinal alignment that very day. It’s a great offer because we want to empower our clients and keep them as healthy as can be. That means not forcing them to wait and work around our schedule, but finding ways to meet you in the middle. We’ll be your Spring Texas walk-in chiropractor. Stop searching for Spring Texas Walk-in Chiropractor and give us a call today at (281)443-1287 or visit our website.

Spring, TX Fun Facts

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  3. Laura Wilkinson (Olympic Medalist): was raised in Spring Texas and graduated from Klein High School. Laura has won several platform diving medals at the Olympics, World Cup, and Goodwill Games.
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