The Woodlands TX Blue Cross Blue Shield Chiropractor

Finding the best The Woodlands TX Blue Cross Blue Shield chiropractor for your injury can be challenging if you don’t know enough about their services. At North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine, we offer full transparency with all of our work and how it affects you. We offer the most reliable and effective chiropractic services in the greater Houston area. Dr. Timothy Runnels and his staff of medical professionals are highly rated and qualified for all types of chiropractic.

As a chiropractic service, we understand how essential it is to provide our clients with the best pain relief. That’s why we offer a plethora of services that are all designed to improve your quality of life. Dr. Runnels has extensively studied and practiced all forms of chiropractic and physical therapy. We also accept many health insurance companies such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, the Mutual Legal Reserve Company, and many more.

We know that convenience is an essential part of getting the correct healthcare. That’s why our office offers varying hours. We are open from Monday to Thursday, with hours from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM and again from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM. At these times, we can solve your back, shoulder, and neck pain at an affordable rate. So please call now and find out what makes us the best The Woodlands TX Blue Cross Blue Shield chiropractor in your area.

The Woodlands TX Blue Cross Blue Shield Chiropractor

The Woodlands TX Blue Cross Blue Shield Chiropractor

The Woodlands TX Blue Cross Blue Shield Chiropractor That Works For You

North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine has been serving the people of Houston for years and provided excellent results. For the best outcome for your spinal injury, make sure you get a reliable and honest chiropractor. Our goal is to reduce your pain and discomfort and minimize the time it takes for you to recover from your trauma. We provide The Woodlands’ best musculoskeletal wellness and health.

Our chiropractic procedures are designed for pain relief and to maximize comfort. We use chiropractic specialists who have seen all types of physical pain resulting from sports or car accidents. Our therapies focus on reducing joint pain and spinal conditions that make most of your physical actions difficult. Car accidents and sports injuries can cause severe damage to your back, arms, legs, and every other part of your body. These injuries can result in permanent damage, so let us fix you up before it’s too late.

North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine provides expert consultation and professional medical opinions on every matter you need our assistance with. Regardless of the amount of pain you experience or where the pain is coming from, our staff is ready to help you get passed it.

Dr. Timothy Runnels

Houston TX Blue Cross Blue Shield Chiropractor

Dr. Runnels

Our very own Dr. Timothy D. Runnels is a Houston native with the desire to help you with all of your rehabilitation. Dr. Runnels graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and again from the Texas Chiropractic College with his chiropractic Doctorate. He trained and practiced at the Moody Health Center for years, where we picked up acupuncture. Dr. Runnels also served as the president of the Texas Chiropractic College of Alumni Organization from 2008 to 2011.

After working as a personal trainer for a few years, Dr. Runnels finally began his practice and settled back into Houston. During his time as a personal trainer, he treated athletes that were recovering from sports injuries. This started his experience in the field of relieving pain and reducing recovery time. Dr. Runnels uses his rehabilitation and attentiveness to make the patient comfortable and back on their feet.

Chiropractic Services That Benefit You

Our services are tailored to help you recover faster and get back in the world sooner rather than later. We provide treatment that relieves you of aches and pains, so you go back to enjoying your life to the fullest. We offer treatment specific to the injury that you sustain. This is to ensure that we treat the correct part of your body and decrease the time it takes to heal. Whether it’s a sports injury or auto-related injury, there’s no better place to go than North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine.

Sports Injuries

Athletes know the risk that playing sports involve. Injuries are all too common, no matter which game you participate in. Basketball, football, soccer, baseball, and other games are prone to player injury, either through self-inflicted accidents or by another player. Either way, these injuries can prevent you from ever playing again if you don’t receive the proper treatment.

The Woodlands TX Blue Cross Blue Shield Chiropractor

You never plan on injuring yourself while playing, but you can prepare how to handle it

Your injuries can involve straining your wrist or tearing your ACL. In more severe cases, you might break an arm, leg, or cause a concussion. North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine makes sure that you get the right treatment for your sports-related injury. We are familiar with most sports injuries and have the right expertise for the job.

We get you back on the court or field and ready to play more carefully. The injury determines whether or not you need to see us on a daily or monthly basis. No matter how frequently you need to see us, we ensure that you always get our best work.

The Woodlands TX Blue Cross Blue Shield Chiropractor

Don’t let back pain stop you from enjoying your day, call us today

Injuries From Car Accidents

As the most common method of spinal injury, car accidents result in discomfort and pain everyone around the body. This includes the back, shoulders, neck, arms, legs, disc, and more regions. When you leave your injury alone and pursue no treatment for your pain, you risk permanent damage to your body. This damage can lead to a twisted spinal column or potential paralysis. The best outcome from leaving your injury alone is permanent damage that merely makes regular physical tasks challenging.

Other Services

Our staff offers a variety of therapies and other chiropractic services designed for maximum efficiency. We offer cold laser therapy, acupuncture, trigger point therapy, spinal decompression, and more to ease your pain. We also provide treatment for children and pregnant women. So no matter what injury you experience, make sure you get the right doctor on the job.

Call Us Today

North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine utilizes the best services for all of our clients. When you get our assistance, you get the most reliable team in Houston. Please call (281) 443-1287 or find us online for additional information. Don’t hesitate, and get the best The Woodlands TX Blue Cross Blue Shield chiropractor for you today.

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  • The Woodlands is comprised of nine villages, including Creekside
  • Creekside is a commuter town, with over 200 miles of outdoor activities
  • The Woodlands has Texas’ largest high school
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