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North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine of the Woodlands TX chiropractor blue cross is giving their best service to the Greater Houston Area. Dr. Timothy D. Runnels and the North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine family specializes in treating automotive and sports injuries. We accept Blue Cross Blue Shield Association Insurance, among many other providers. When Dr. Runnels worked as a personal trainer, his time with his athletes inspired him to open his practice. Together with his wife, Teresa M. Munoz, they dedicate themselves to treating musculoskeletal injuries and bringing holistic healing to their patients.

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Dr. Timothy Runnels

Treating you like family

Nobody can understate how vital the spine is. It holds up the entire body and protects our central nervous system. There are about 50,000 animals with a spine, all in the chordate phylum: fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. You were born with around 33 vertebrates, separated into five different sections, and over 120 muscles and 220 ligaments. You have the same number of vertebrates in your neck as a giraffe, giving us all our flexibility there.

80% of Americans will suffer from back pain in their lifetime and seek medical consultation, the vast majority in the lumbar. Usually, it does not require surgery and is a muscle strain. However, chronic pain caused by herniated disks or degenerative disks can require surgery. Car accidents are the most common cause of back injuries. The sciatic nerve is the largest in the body and is needed for the use of our legs. Scoliosis is the most common abnormal curvature, affecting 1 in every 200 people.

Caring for your spine is necessary for enjoying all that life has to offer. Dr. Runnels and Teresa Muñoz want to make sure you do just that. With his holistic approach of medicine and chiropractic, North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine aims to alleviate all your pain. Through every step of rehabilitation and attentiveness, Dr. Runnels makes sure you understand what is being done to your body every step of the way. Alongside your Blue Cross Insurance, allow your Woodlands TX chiropractors to help you now.

Coming back from the whiplash of a crash

20 to 50 million people are injured in car accidents every year in the United States. Injuries can happen in the back, neck, shoulders, head or extremities. But the spine is most likely the root of the pain in any of these. Your back will take most of the impact in a car accident. The tension put on the spine leads to pain, swelling, and stiffness. If your back is in pain, it could creep to your neck and shoulders. Because car accidents lead to back injuries, we must know specifically how to treat auto injuries at North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine.

The Woodlands TX chiropractor blue cross

Totaled your car? Feeling sore from it? No worries! We’re here to help

Car accidents result in dislocations of shoulders, spines, and other imperative bone structures. If these injuries are left untreated, these pains and trauma can have lasting and permanent repercussions. Disk injuries, neck pain, shoulder pain, and whiplash are all likely to happen in an auto injury.

It is not hard to imagine how difficult a neck injury like whiplash would make life. The neck is an important and constantly moving body part. Whiplash occurs when the body goes through a sharp jolt. The head pushes forward and bobs more severely than the neck is meant to take. The best treatment for this will be rest and rehabilitation. But because this part of the body is in such constant motion, the slightest aggravation can make it difficult to heal. While rest is the best medicine in this situation, if the pain persists, then we can figure out the next step. Often a spinal decompression and acupuncture can help resolve the issue.

Blue Cross Blue Shield, or several other health insurance providers, can help you with us as you heal from the traumatic event. We also understand that physical pains are not the only stressors after a car accident, no matter how small. For contacts with highly qualified attorneys to help you with your lawsuit or related legal matters, ask about our referrals.

Blue Cross and Dr. Runnels tackling your sports injuries

Athletes are acutely aware that injury is always a risk for them. They have the heart for their sport and bodies that they don’t let the risk stop them. Because you are putting stress on your body in extreme moments, we can help and make sure that this doesn’t stop you from continuing to pursue your passion. We have the facilities to help with rehabilitation after surgery. Our doctors can perform the diagnosis beforehand and prescribe the treatment for injuries that do not require invasive surgery.

The Woodlands TX Chiropractor Blue Cross

The Woodlands TX chiropractor blue cross

Our rehab facility helps you get the most out of life!

Allow the Woodlands TX Chiropractor Blue Cross partnership to provide all the amenities we can offer. Our full-service facilities have the best medical equipment so that we can do the work in house. We can get your x-rays and ultrasounds done on-site. We also have a full commercial gym and rehabilitation area designed to help you heal. In addition to the injuries from sports and car accidents that we often see, our holistic method helps treat the migraines and body pains that come from the build-up of stress in the body’s trigger points. Chiropractic for pregnancy and pediatrics is another field we specialize in. Our ethos is that we want you to feel like a part of our family.

We also want to encourage our patients to take advantage of our No Wait Policy and free consultations. You can fill out our printable PDFs online, while we keep you from waiting as much as possible. Our consultations are to find the root of the problem and decide on the next steps to take before anything else. This way you can consider all of your options before choosing a path.

Give us a call when you are ready to join us on a path to recovery: (281) 443-1287. You can find us at 25216 Grogans Park Dr, The Woodlands, TX 77380 with other locations in Spring, Humble, and Conroe. Patients should give North Houston and Sports Medicine through The Woodlands TX chiropractor blue cross.

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