The Woodlands TX Aetna Chiropractor

When it comes to The Woodlands TX Aetna chiropractor, you need to learn everything you can about them. That’s why North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine provides everything you need to know regarding your chiropractic care and the services we offer. Whether it’s a sports injury or automotive one, we bring you reliable and effective methods for relieving your pain and discomfort. Our phone service is available for 24 hours, so please call us today to determine what the best service is for you.

As experts in chiropractic services, we know the significance of quality care and pain relief. That is why we utilize the latest and most excellent chiropractic techniques in the industry. Our very own Dr. Runnels uses his expertise to ensure that every patient we have walks away feeling better than when they arrived.

To make sure that we help the most people we can, we accept many health insurance companies. We work with companies such as the Mutual Legal Reserve Company, Blue Cross Blue Shield’s health division, and we accept Aetna Insurance.

The Woodlands TX Aetna Chiropractor

The Woodlands TX Aetna Chiropractor

We understand that convenience is essential to quality healthcare. That’s why we offer hours that range from varying hours. We are accessible from Monday to Thursday from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM and then again from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM. So no matter what service you need from us, we’re the best The Woodlands TX Aetna chiropractor for you.

The Woodlands TX Aetna Chiropractor For You and Your Family

For years, the experts at North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine have been providing Houstonians with quality healthcare. We dedicate our time and effort to ensure that every client we work with gets the best results for their spinal treatment and other pains. Whether it’s back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, or any other type, we’re here to help you through it. With our assistance, you can enjoy musculoskeletal health at an affordable rate.

When it comes to chiropractic services, no one does more or better than our team. We maximize comfort by minimizing the pain you feel from your injury. Our experts use a variety of specialized techniques and procedures that are all designed to improve your quality of life. We also offer therapy techniques that focus on providing comfort and ease for our clients.

Sports and automotive injuries can be traumatic, both mentally and physically. The damage left by the incident can make movement painful and unpleasant for you. In this case, chiropractic services may be your only option to avoid permanent damage.

We offer expert consultation and professional opinions on your condition and how to treat it. From back pain to shoulder pain, neck pain, disc pain, and more, we cover several forms of discomfort with our services. So get in touch with us today, and let’s get you back on your feet.

Houston TX Blue Cross Blue Shield Chiropractor

Dr. Runnels

Dr. Timothy D. Runnels

When you need the best chiropractor in The Woodlands, you need to call Dr. Runnels. The dear doctor graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. After this, he went on to obtain a chiropractor Doctorate from the Texas Chiropractic College. Dr. Runnels then trained at the Moody Health Center for a few years, where he learned acupuncture. From the years of 2008 and 2011, he also served as president of the Texas Chiropractic College of Alumni Organization.

Dr. Runnels spent a few years as a personal trainer, helping athletes recover from sports-related injuries. Finally, he decided to return to Houston and begin the practice you see today. Alongside his staff, Dr. Runnels provides the most promising results for all of his patients. He uses his experience and knowledge to relieve pain and decrease healing time. With his expertise, attentiveness, and skill, Dr. Runnels is here to increase comfort and minimize pain.

Services For Your Various Pains and Aches

We offer you and your family services that are tailored to cutting your recovery time down. All it takes to get things started is to call us and schedule an appointment. Whether you need aid with your back pain, spinal decompression, or therapy, we’re here for your benefit. We ensure that your aches and pains are addressed and taken care of as soon as possible. Our mission is to bring you chiropractic services and therapies that improve your condition and allow you to go about your day without physical pain.

Sports Injuries and Recovery

As any athlete knows, every game you play comes with the risk of injury. Whether it’s a professional match or a pickup game down the block, personal injury is all too real. Football, basketball, baseball, and other players are all prone to harm because of how rough it can get on the field or court. Whether another player injures you or you injure yourself, the result is pain and discomfort.

These injuries can range from tearing your ACL to spraining your wrist or ankle. Worst-case scenarios involve breaking a limb, a shoulder, misaligning your spine, or a concussion. With our help, you can recover much faster from these severe results. North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine has enough experience to be familiar with every type of injury in the game. That means that we are more than equipped to assist you with recovery.

Our chiropractic services aid you with getting back out there and enjoying your day. If the injury is severe, you may need to come by and see us on a daily or monthly basis. Regardless of how often you need our help, you can rest assured that we’ll bring you the best service every time.

Automotive Injuries

When it comes to spinal injuries and muscle pain, the most common cause is a car accident. These incidents put you in a challenging position, financially and physically. Auto-related injuries can include neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, spinal decompression, and more. When you let your pain go untreated, you risk permanent damage to your spine. This can lead to a deformed spinal column and paralysis. By ignoring your injury, your best bet is that you suffer from severe pain for months and never correctly heal.

The Woodlands TX Aetna Chiropractor

For automotive injuries, make sure you get the right team behind your recovery

We treat your auto injury with a series of effective chiropractic techniques that focus on the specific area that has been affected. Our chiropractic services reduce the time it takes to heal from your injuries, whether it’s neck pain or severe migraines. Automotive accidents can also result in a disc injury, arm pain, leg pain, and whiplash. No matter what form your pain takes, rest assured that we’ll get you the results you need.

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North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine is here to help you. Our team of medical professionals is here to provide the best care for your injuries. Call (281) 443-1287 or find us online for more information. Don’t wait, and let’s get you the best The Woodlands TX Aetna chiropractor today.

The Woodlands TX Fun Facts

  • Creekside is one of The Woodlands Township’s nine villages
  • The city holds the nickname of “The Invisible City.”
  • The Woodlands is home to the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
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