The Woodlands TX Aetna Chiropractor Near Me

Instead of searching, “The Woodlands TX Aetna chiropractor near me,” come see us for the best chiropractor in Houston. North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine is here to provide the most effective chiropractic services you can hope for. When you call us for your spinal injury or other bodily harm, you take the first step to bettering your condition. So make your first choice the right choice, with our premier medical team.

Chiropractic services require a skilled and attentive staff of professionals who are dedicated to your betterment. Dr. Runnels and his team are such professionals. We use the most optimal chiropractic techniques in the industry so you can recover quickly. North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine brings its best work to every patient to ensure that you always get the best result possible.

The Woodlands TX Aetna Chiropractor Near Me

The Woodlands TX Aetna Chiropractor Near Me

North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine also includes several payment options for your convenience. We also accept Aetna insurance, the Mutual Legal Reserve Company, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and other insurance companies. We understand how complex the insurance process can be, so we do what we can to simplify it for you.

You can need our services at any given moment. To maximize our availability, we remain open from Monday to Thursday from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM. With our services, you will never have to search, “The Woodlands TX Aetna chiropractor near me” again.

The Woodlands TX Aetna Chiropractor Near Me

North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine devotes its efforts to a better way of healing for your body. Our chiropractic services are designed to get you back on your feet and healthy. We provide spinal treatment and relief for muscle and joint pain. Whether you feel it in your back, neck, shoulders, or limbs, we do everything we can to aid you with recovery. Our therapies and chiropractic will help you achieve musculoskeletal wellness.

Our team is ready and eager to assist you in any way we can. Whenever you are injured in any way, soreness and aches are a universal symptom. We help alleviate the pain and get you more relaxed so that you can get back to your daily routine. Our mission is to increase comfort and decrease pain and soreness. To accomplish this, we focus on the most regularly injured areas of the body.

The two most common ways that people hurt their bodies is through sports and automotive accidents. Leaving your injuries alone for too long can result in permanent damage, such as paralysis. If left untreated, your injury will likely make daily activities very challenging. With our support, you can prevent permanent damage and retain a healthy spinal structure.

We provide patients coming for the first time with a free consultation. This way, you can benefit from a professional medical diagnosis with no charge. We can diagnose joint pain, muscle pain, and spinal injury and provide a solution to your soreness. Make sure that your recovery is handled by the right people. Make sure that it’s North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine.

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Dr. Timothy Runnels

Dr. Timothy Runnels

Our very own Dr. Timothy D. Runnels and his staff are dedicated to a better way of recovering from injuries. With his expertise and knowledge, you can enjoy the full benefits of a fully-fledged chiropractor. This Houston native graduated with his Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Houston. After this, he went on to the Texas Chiropractic College for his chiropractic Doctorate. He continued by training at the Moody Health Center and picked up acupuncture during that time.

From 2008 to 2011, Dr. Runnels served as the president of the Texas Chiropractic College of Alumni Organization. Following this, he spent some time as a personal trainer for recovering athletes, which gave him the idea to start his current practice. With a team that is dedicated to greatness, Dr. Runnels provides expert results for all of his clients.

Chiropractic Services You Can Rely On

North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine provides the perfect services for all of your aches and pains. When you call our office to book your free consultation, we discuss what treatment you may need and what options we have for you. We will treat your back, neck, disc, limb, and shoulder pain with quality chiropractic care at an affordable rate. Regardless of what pain is affecting you, we can take care of it.

Sports-Related Injuries

For anyone who plays any sports, injuries are common on every level. From professional games to pick up ones on the street, moving your leg wrong or landing on your hand incorrectly can cause significant damage. From basketball, soccer, baseball, football, and other sports, no type of player is safe from harm. Every time you step out onto the field or court, you run the risk of being injured by another player or hurting yourself.

We treat athletes that have been injured in a variety of ways. Whether you sprain your wrist or ankle or suffer from shoulder pain, we can help you. When you leave neck or back pain untreated, you risk the chance of it becoming permanent damage. Other potential injuries you may receive are concussions, spinal damage, and broken limbs. With our support, you can correctly treat your injury and prevent anything causing long-term trouble.

The Woodlands TX Aetna Chiropractor Near Me

Don’t let a car injury keep you off the road forever; get our help today!

Once you conclude your business with us, you will be back on your feet before you know it. You may have to take some extra time to relax before participating in a game again, but you’ll get there. Also, the severity of the injury may mean that you have to see us on a daily or monthly basis.

Car-Related Injuries

When it comes to the most common injuries, nothing happens more often than automotive accidents. Incidents like this can cause damage anywhere on the body. From spinal decompression, whiplash, and severe migraines, you need the right chiropractor to take care of you. So come on by and see North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine now for your treatment.

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