Spring TX Blue Cross Blue Shield Chiropractor

For the most effective Spring TX Blue Cross Blue Shield chiropractor, you need the best in the industry. North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine is here to provide the most reliable chiropractic services to help you heal faster. We aid you with your neck pain, back pain, limb pain, and other forms of physical injury. Dr. Timothy Runnels and his teams of professional nurses are devoted to offering you a better way to alleviate your discomfort at an affordable rate.

Our mission is to ensure that all of our patients are treated properly and given the right therapy for their discomfort. Dr. Runnels has studied and practiced several forms of chiropractic techniques and services that help you. Our services are covered by a multitude of health insurance companies so that you can enjoy our work no matter what. We offer aid with members of the Mutual Legal Reserve Company, Blue Cross Blue Shield’s health division, and other health insurance companies.

Our office is accessible from various times from Monday to Thursday. We know that your bodily pain is something that requires consistent care and support, so we tailor our hours to give you convenient opportunities. Call us as soon as you need us, and we’ll show you what makes us the best Spring TX Blue Cross Blue Shield chiropractor.

Spring TX Blue Cross Blue Shield Chiropractor

Spring TX Blue Cross Blue Shield Chiropractor

A Spring TX Blue Cross Blue Shield Chiropractor You Can Count On

North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine is the premier healthcare provider for all physical injuries that cause significant pain in some regions of the body. We treat damages resulting from sports, automotive accidents, and other spinal injuries. We also bring you therapies designed to align your spine and reduce pain. With our support, you’ll experience quality musculoskeletal health and wellness.

Chiropractic procedures have been known to relieve pain and distress. Our chiropractic specialists focus on joint pain, shoulder pain, back pain, and more to allow maximum comfort. Our therapies also reduce chronic pain and spinal conditions that may make physical activities challenging. Incidents such as car accidents and sports injuries can result in severe pain in significant parts of the body. To prevent permanent damage, get the team that cares about your health.

Our goal is to offer you a chance to experience a better way of pain relief. North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine is here to make sure that you always have the option to take care of your pains and aches. No matter how where the pain originates from or how much pain there is, we’ll help you through it.

Dr. Runnels

Dr. Timothy D. Runnels grew up in Houston and attended the University of Houston. From here, he obtained his Bachelor of Science in Psychology and later his chiropractic Doctorate at the Texas Chiropractic College. After that, Dr. Runnels trained at the Moody Health Center, learned acupuncture, and became president of the Texas Chiropractic College Alumni Organization for a few years.

Spring TX Blue Cross Blue Shield Chiropractor

Our Dr. Runnels is here to help you

He also worked as a personal trainer for athletes recovering from sports injuries. Once everything was said and done, Dr. Runnels decided to settle in Houston and begin his practice. This chiropractic expert focuses on using rehabilitation and attentiveness to help his patients recover sooner rather than later.

Our Chiropractic Services

Chiropractic services are designed to reduce aches and provide a comfortable environment for you to recuperate in. Our treatments are different depending on the type of pain you experience. For example, sports-related injuries require different treatment than a car-related one. We’ll determine the right service for you and apply the appropriate solution.

Automotive Injury Care

As the most standard causes for spinal and muscle pain, car accidents can put you in a tight spot, physically. These injuries can include back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, severe migraines, and many other aches to your extremities. Leaving this pain unchecked can result in permanent damage to your spinal column and paralysis. The best-case scenario, if you decide not to treat the injury, is incredible difficulty with physical activities potentially forever.

North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine treats your automotive injuries with high-quality chiropractic techniques that are tailored to the area where the pain originates. Whether it’s migraines or back pain, our services will significantly reduce the amount of pain you feel and assist in the healing process. Car accidents can also lead to a disc injury, whiplash, and spinal decompression. So no matter what type of pain results from your car accident, let us help make it better.

Sports Injury Care

Most athletes know the hazard of the sport they play in. Whether it’s basketball, football, baseball, or anything else, injuries are an unavoidable risk that they take for the sake of the game. No matter what sport you play, injuries are often in the same area or of the same caliber. Whether another player injures you or your injure yourself, getting the right health care for it is vital to getting back on the field or court.

Injuries can range from tearing your ACL or spraining your wrist or ankle. More extreme cases can involve getting a concussion or breaking your arm. Whatever the damage is, make sure that you come to North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine for your treatment. Dr. Runnels and his staff are more than familiar with most sports-related injuries.

Spring Houston Acupuncture

Don’t live with back pain, let us remedy the situation

Our goal is to get you back in the game but also to caution you to make the same mistake or receive the same injury. Depending on the severity of the injury, you may need to see us on a daily or monthly basis. Regardless of how often you need to come in, we’ll always provide the best service we can.

Other Services We Offer

North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine knows that there are many reasons that you may need our help. We offer therapies that assist children, pregnant women, and other patients. From acupuncture to cold laser therapy, we have everything you need to make a full recovery and avoid any more pain.

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North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine focuses on a better way of recovering from your injuries. From sports to automotive injuries, you can count on us for the best care in Houston. Call (281) 443-1287 or find us online for more information. Find out what makes us the best Spring TX Blue Cross Blue Shield chiropractor.

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