Houston TX Blue Cross Chiropractor

Houston TX blue cross chiropractor helps you with affordable payments when you choose our services. If you have chronic back pain, we accept blue cross health insurance. That way, you don’t have to worry about your financial situation once you acquire the services we have. Our practice led by chiropractor Dr. Timothy Runnels is highly rated as we help people relieve their pain. We have free consultations, a no-wait policy, attorney referrals, and more!

Houston TX Blue Cross Chiropractor

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If you add that on top of the fact we accept insurance companies such as blue cross blue shield, we’re the best chiropractors in Houston, TX; you want to treat you. As an independent licensee of the blue cross, we can treat your family at an affordable price. Not to mention, we also treat many injuries. For instance, sports injuries can be detrimental to have. Dr. Timothy Runnels came into the profession of chiropractor due to seeing many injuries. Dr. Runnels used to be a personal trainer until he noticed the number of injuries occurring because of sporting activities. From then on, he was inspired to become a chiropractor to help treat these injuries.

Along with his wife, Teresa M. Munoz, who graduated from Phoenix University with a Bachelor of Science in Management, they help in relieving your pain. No matter what type of sport you may play, you’ll always have a chance for an injury. Due to the force and resistance, it takes to compete, the risk of pain is high. Therefore, our team of nurses and physical therapists assists with parts of your body that may become prone to pain. For instance, your legs carry large muscles you use all the time. Leg training can even become straining and cause injury.

Leg Pain

If you have leg pain, our team of professionals take a holistic approach and see what the issue is. When a sports injury occurs in the leg, your nerves could be causing the problem. Electric impulses shoot through your group of muscles that can affect the way you move and even cause injury. With our physical therapy training, we use those same impulses to excite the muscles. Through our technique, your muscles will contract lightly at a pace that encourages healing. Depending on the injury, you can it may take days to a week for you to recover.


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We can even apply a brace or wrap that applies pressure to the injury to hold it in place. Our methods can be quite useful for back and where limbs are concerned. After all, your appendages connect to nerve groups. Nerves allow the body to feel and move. Without it, our existence as human beings would be dull. For example, most of us use our arms for everything. It connects from your neck to the upper shoulders while still attached to the brain. You feel sensations and experience movement capable of giving you wondrous moments.

Arm Pain

If these targeted nerves are damaged, you could have even more difficulty of pain in your arms. Some doctors may suggest medication. However, medication is only a temporary fix for relieving pain. The best type of work to get you back at a hundred percent comes from rehabilitation. Our chiropractor focuses on the muscles responsible for that type of pain. If you have a severe injury that deals with the bones, ligaments, and tendons; we perform hands-on procedures to relieve the pain you need. Such injuries can be linked to nerve damage as well. Also, if you’re injured from a sport, a chiropractor can get you back in the game.

Houston TX Blue Cross Chiropractor Upper Body Care

Though we work on other parts of the body as well, the central role we work on is concentrated in the spine. Due to the spine being the primary support of the body, it is one of the largest and most powerful muscle groups in your body. Because of its severity and the strain, it can be prone to serious injury. Plus, depending on how it’s used, the wear of your spine will affect you over time.

Houston TX Blue Cross Chiropractor

Dr. Timothy Runnels

A lot of athletes participate in sports as their career. Therefore, getting back on the field is crucial. They try to speed up the recovery process, but in doing so, it can counteract the healing process. Because of this need to get back and play, it can lead to recurring injuries, which cause more issues down the line. When it comes to your spine, a chiropractor can implement spinal decompression, electric muscle stimulation, and other methods. These techniques relieve pressure and motivate the muscle to heal. Plus, your mobility will restore as well. North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine not only takes care of your spine but your body as a whole.

When you come to us, we’ll be sure to help you heal. We look at your body and its entirety to make sure you are getting the attention you need. Performing physical therapy for athletes is a crucial job for the sports department. There are many injuries you can sustain on and off the field. After all, athletes train all the time and can sustain injuries from simple activities due to the overworking of muscles. When you contact us, we’ll be sure you heal correctly and efficiently during your visit.

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If you’d like to contact North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine, call us today at (281) 443-1287. Our practice proudly serves areas of Spring, The Woodlands, Humble, Conroe, and more! You can find us at 5643 Treashwig Road. Come experience how much more mobile and pain-free we can make your body. Our hours of operation are 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and again at 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. from Monday through Thursday. Let us help you with the chiropractic and therapeutic services you need to feel better again! Dr. Timothy Runnels, Teresa Munoz, and our staff of nurses proudly serve the Greater Houston area with diligence and dedication to its residents. If you’re experiencing any of the following situations, come to us, Houston TX blue cross chiropractor, as your primary contact to heal your body.

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