Spring TX Physical Therapy

Spring TX Physical Therapy

Spring TX Physical Therapy

Are you searching for Spring TX Physical Therapy? You should contact North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine because they are more than just chiropractors, they also have physiotherapy and rehab. Physical therapy helps patients improve their flexibility and overcome physical issues through exercise, heat, and massage. It is a branch of rehabilitative health that helps improve physical function relating to disability, injury, condition, or disease.

At North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine, there are trained and licenses chiropractors and physical therapists available to help. Physical therapy is a great way to overcome your physical ailments without relying on medication. With the growing opioid crisis, many people are turning to alternative methods. Physical therapy can help relieve pain and improve mobility and function.

Medical practitioners will recommend Physical therapy based on your condition. When they come to a physical therapist, there are some things that a patient can expect. They will first have a physical exam where the physical therapist will evaluate medical history, posture, movement and flexibility, and more. After that, you can expect to have a clinical diagnosis, plan of care, and a set of goals.  The physiotherapist will also give you treatment and self-management recommendations.

While North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine is primarily a chiropractor’s clinic, they do more. Patients can also benefit from physiotherapy, which is an additional service. Now, chiropractors aren’t the same as physiotherapists. A physiotherapist can analyze and help with your range of motion while a chiropractor is the one who can treat your spine.

Spring TX Physical Therapy

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What Are Some of The Benefits?

At North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine, the physiotherapist will work alongside the chiropractor to give you a customized treatment plan. When you get hurt, your injury isn’t the exact same as someone else’s. There is a difference in your medical history, posture, and location of the injury. This requires a treatment plan that does more than a one size fits all approach.

Going to Spring TX Physical Therapy can also help you to avoid surgery. Since it helps eliminate pain naturally, it can help speed up the healing process. However, if you need surgery, then you can still benefit from pre-surgery physical therapy. This will help you go into surgery in better shape to help you recover faster than if you hadn’t. However, you can reduce the price of care for your condition by avoiding surgery through physical therapy.

Some conditions and injuries can make it difficult to stand, walk, or move. This is where physical therapy comes in. Physical therapy will help stretch the muscles and increase mobility and flexibility. Physical therapists can also help get you fitted for a cane, crutches, or other devices to help you move around easier.

Another thing that physiotherapy can help with is strokes. Strokes can take a toll on the body and cause some loss of function. Physical therapy will help you to strengthen your weakened parts and improve your balance. It can also improve patients’ ability to move around in bed and around the home, providing them with greater independence. This can reduce their need for assistance with bathing, dressing, and other activities.

There are many other benefits of choosing physical therapy over traditional medicine.

Spring TX Physical Therapy

There are many different treatments available for physiotherapy.

Types of Physical Therapy

Like any medical practice, it has a wide range of therapies to help with a variety of conditions. At North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine, few different options can help you overcome your ailments.

The first type of treatment offered is an ultrasound treatment. It uses vibrations from ultrasonic frequencies to produce medical imaging. This is used to examine the development of fetuses during pregnancy. Doctors also use it to find abdominal problems for those who aren’t pregnant. While ultrasound is often used in this way, it can be utilized in other ways as well. North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine use it to stimulate the natural healing process. It activates the soft tissues and muscles on a cellular level to help relax strains through slight heating and frequency.

Another form of physiotherapy is electrical muscle stimulation. This uses a small electrical current to release trigger points and bring down swelling. Electrical muscle stimulation affects soft tissue through vibration, which helps release endorphins that bring pain relief. This is one of the best ways to treat muscle spasms in the neck or back. It is a painless way to help muscles return to their natural state.

The final method that North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine offers is interferential electro-therapy. This method helps heal sprains, spasms, and other soft tissue injuries. It implements low stimulated frequency to help reach internal injuries to increase healing. This procedure is very comfortable and absolutely painless. Like electrical current therapy, it releases endorphins that aid in pain relief. It also helps relax strained muscles.

Allow North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine to be your Spring TX Physical Therapy. They will help you to get back to feeling yourself. Reduce your pain and do it without the need for costly medication.

The Best Spring TX Physical Therapy

North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine is everything you need to overcome that injury or condition. It can be a challenge to struggle with mobility, and it can cause a devastating blow to your independence. However, with some help from one of their physical therapists, you can have the freedom you desire. No more needing assistance, and you can begin to heal naturally as your body intended.

When you come in for your appointment, it is important to remember to wear comfortable clothing. Clothing that restricts your movement or is snug will limit the benefits you could receive from physical therapy. You can trust them to help you on the path to recovery. With their wide range of services, it is no wonder people in Houston are turning to them. They will do all that they can to help you feel your best.

To set up an appointment, call North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine at (281) 443-1287. You can also check out their other services or go to visit their location. Allow North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine to be your Spring TX Physical Therapy.

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