The Woodlands TX Chiropractor Covered by Anthem Blue Cross

Are you a patient searching for “The Woodlands TX chiropractor covered by Anthem Blue Cross?” North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine accept a wide range of health insurance. Blue Cross and Blue Shield are just one of the insurance types accepted. Patients will find Dr. Runnels and his team at North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine are highly rated for their health care services.

Dr. Runnels is the chiropractor at North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine. He and his team specialize in injuries related to car accidents and sports. Dr. Runnels became interested in chiropractic care when he was working as a personal trainer. His clients were typically athletes with musculoskeletal injuries. The more injuries of this type he saw, the more interest he garnered.

Eventually, Dr. Runnels started his medical education. His specialty of sports and automotive accident injuries is unique. The injuries sustained in these areas can range in severity. However, Dr. Runnels is capable of diagnosing and treating a wide range of injuries.

Dr. Timothy runnels

Dr. Runnels will choose the right therapy for your injury.

Of course, anyone can seek Dr. Runnels’ care. You do not have to have an injury from a car accident or sport. He and his team can see anyone with chronic back pain or related issue. Pregnant women and kids are other common clients. These two demographics can experience a wide range of spine issues. Chiropractic care can offer comfort and pain relief for these people. Call today for The Woodlands TX chiropractor covered by Anthem Blue Cross.

Sports Injuries and Car Accidents

The spine is the largest collection of bones in the body. It is also the single structure supporting the entire skeletal system. The spine is an important part of the body, but it also has issues from time to time. Firstly, the spine and the nervous system work closely together. Chiropractors are supposed to understand the relationship between these two systems and treat people through physical means.

Secondly, a spinal column injury can affect other parts of the body. The neck houses the spinal column’s base so pain can radiate from the spine to this area. The shoulders, head, and extremities can also feel this pain. Chiropractic care can find the root of the problem in your spine. Sports injuries and car accidents can lead to major spinal injuries.

Car accidents specifically take a larger toll on the spine. The spine will take the majority of the impact, which will lead to tensed or stressed areas. Once a spine is stressed, it will create pain that may radiate out through the body. Furthermore, serious spinal injuries can occur, such as a herniated disc. Dr. Runnels can help patients obtain the comfort they need so they can start living a pain-free life.

Sports injuries are different and range in severity as well. Dr. Runnels can help athletes diagnose and treat their sports injuries. If the treatment required is surgery, then Dr. Runnels would not be able to complete it. However, he can offer physical therapy after surgery and non-surgical treatments. Patients can expect a handful of different treatment options when it comes to North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine.

Cold Laser Therapy

One type of treatment North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine offers is cold laser therapy. This treatment is a relatively new development, so there is not a lot of data behind it. However, North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine have seen the results. Cold laser therapy uses a low-temperature laser the size of a flashlight. Dr. Runnels will run the laser over the injured area. As he does, the light will pass through the skin and penetrate the injured muscle.

The Woodlands TX Chiropractor Covered by Anthem Blue Cross

The Woodlands TX chiropractor covered by Anthem Blue Cross

Penetrating the injured muscle activates the intracellular metabolism, which is known to speed up the healing process. The intracellular metabolism is a natural process that decreases pain and inflammation. Dr. Runnels will use varying wavelengths to treat different types of injuries. This type of therapy is used to treat injuries like the following:

  • Ligament sprains
  • Muscle sprains
  • Neck pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Knee pain
  • Muscle spasm pain

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger points are areas in the muscles of the body that store tension and stress. Over time, the tension in these points will emit pain and can sometimes cause bruises. The best way of relieving these trigger points is through massages and dry needling. Dry needling is not the same as acupuncture. The ladder is known for realigning the energy in one’s body while the former is to release trigger points.

Dr. Runnels will massage your trigger points and apply a thin needle to the trigger point. The needles will help the trigger points release the tension they have stored. Trigger point therapy is known to treat back pain, headaches, migraines, heel pain, and many other muscle injuries.

The Woodlands TX Chiropractor Covered by Anthem Blue Cross

Trigger point therapy will release tension in points around the body.


There are many types of physiotherapy methods, such as heat treatment, exercise, and massages. This type of therapy prompts patients to use their own bodies to overcome their injuries. This type of therapy has been known to treat injuries, diseases, and deformities. Physiotherapy aims for patients to skip common medications that would be used to treat these injuries.

North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine offers three different kinds of physiotherapy: ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, and interferential electro-therapy. Each of these treatments is painless, even though they may sound painful. Ultrasounds are typically used for pregnant women. Dr. Runnels uses this technology for the ultrasonic frequencies. These frequencies help stimulate the body’s natural healing process.

Electrical muscle stimulation uses very small electrical currents to reduce swelling and release trigger points. This therapy is completely painless and is used to treat swelling and stress. Finally, interferential electro-therapy is used to treat spasms, sprains, and soft tissue injuries.

The Woodlands TX Chiropractor Covered by Anthem Blue Cross

If you are suffering from a car accident or sports injury, then get in touch with North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine. Reach Dr. Runnels and his team by calling (281) 443-1287. New patients will receive a free consultation on their first visit. There is no need to suffer from your back pain any longer. So, stop searching “The Woodlands TX chiropractor covered by Anthem Blue Cross” and start calling.

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