The Woodlands TX Chiropractor Aetna Insurance Near Me

Are you searching online for “The Woodlands TX chiropractor Aetna insurance near me?” North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine specializes in sports and auto accident injuries. This chiropractic clinic accepts Aetna insurance, along with a wide range of other insurance types. If you are not sure if your insurance company is accepted, then give the clinic a call.

Above all, North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine’s goal is to relieve the pain and stiffness in patients. The spinal column is what is supporting the entire skeletal structure, so if it sustains an injury, it will cause problems. For example, a car accident can lead to chronic pain in the back. Subsequently, the back pain will affect the neck and possibly the shoulders.

North Houston Spine and Sport’s Medicine wants to keep pain from ruining the lives of so many patients. 20 to 50 million car accidents occur every year. The spine can sustain the most injuries of an accident, so its important to care for it. Book an appointment by calling now, and you will see why this clinic is so renowned.

The Woodlands TX Chiropractor Aetna Insurance Near Me

Dr. Runnels will strive to reduce your back pain from your car accident.

The chiropractor, Dr. Runnels, and his team are professional, friendly, and experienced. Dr. Runnels craved more knowledge of the spine when he worked as a personal trainer. During that time, he met many athletes with musculoskeletal injuries. He slowly became interested in these issues and soon started his medical education. Dr. Runnels and his team are dedicated to treating patients with the highest care and kindness possible.

Conditions North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine Treats

As aforementioned, North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine specialize in sports and car accident injuries. Moreover, these types of injuries can range in severity. Dr. Runnels and his team want to help those who are experiencing severe pain in their back, neck, head, shoulders, and extremities. Additionally, he and his team can treat patients with disc injuries in their spine or improve the lives of pregnant women.

Regardless of who you are, chronic pain is difficult to live with. Fortunately, there is a way to improve the quality of your life. Chronic pain no longer has to exist in your body. Instead, get in touch with Dr. Runnels’ team today for a free consultation. New patients of Dr. Runnels will get a free consultation the first time. So, are you experiencing pain from an injury?

Disc Injury

A disc injury is one of the most severe injuries you can sustain from a car or sports accident. One type of disc injury you may acquire is a herniated disc. Now, a herniated disc can occur even without an accident. People can develop this condition over time. It is also known as a bulged, slipped or ruptured disc. Particular risk factors can take part in the development of this condition. A car or sports accident can certainly contribute.

A herniated disc is when a disc pushes out into the spinal canal through a rip or tear. The pain caused by this condition can be intense, which is why patients should consider a chiropractor for treatment. There is a variety of treatments available for such a condition. Surgery is an option but is recommended for those who do not see improvements with other treatments.

The Woodlands TX Chiropractor Aetna Insurance Near Me

The Woodlands TX chiropractor Aetna insurance near me

One way Dr. Runnels can treat your herniated disc is through spinal decompression. A herniated disc usually occurs when the spine comes underneath immense amounts of pressure. The high amount of pressure will cause a disc to rupture through into the spinal cavity. Dr. Runnels can reduce the pressure on your spine over a number of weeks. Spinal decompression will reduce the pressure of your spine and improve your comfort.

Medication can also be prescribed to reduce pain and improve comfort. Cortisone injections can also aid in reducing pain, inflammation, and swelling. Spinal decompression is the most conservative route for treatment. Surgery is only recommended for those with chronic pain, and no other treatments have been successful.

Carpal Tunnel

Common symptoms of carpal tunnel include pain, tingling, and numbness in the hands. Chiropractors are typically associated with the spine, but they are capable of so much more. Carpal tunnel is a condition that Dr. Runnels can help diagnose and treat. This condition can appear in both hands or just one. Women are three times more likely to develop the condition than men are.

Carpal tunnels typically appear in the dominant hand first. Hand motions like typing or turning a screwdriver are risk factors of carpal tunnel.  Some patients have reported a feeling of their hands being asleep when suffering from carpal tunnel. Treatment options for carpal tunnel include braces and cortisone shots. Braces can be worn during the day or night. The cortisone shot will reduce any swelling the patient may be experiencing.

Unfortunately, 50% of patients with carpal tunnel will eventually need surgery to some degree. Surgery may seem scary, but this procedure is one of the most commonly performed in the United States. Physical therapy can also improve the quality of life for those with carpal tunnel. In fact, carpal tunnel primarily affects the hands rather than the wrists.

The Woodlands TX Chiropractor Aetna Insurance Near Me

Carpal tunnel requires surgery as a treatment 50% of the time.

If you are suffering from carpal tunnel, then get in touch with North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine. Dr. Runnels and his team can diagnose and treat your condition.

The Woodlands TX Chiropractor Aetna Insurance Near Me

If you are searching “The Woodlands TX chiropractor Aetna insurance near me,” then you should call North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine. Dr. Runnels and his team are awaiting your phone call. New patients will receive a free consultation, so there is nothing to lose.

So, please call North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine at (281) 443-1287. Dr. Runnels and his team will work closely with patients to secure the comfortable life they deserve. Interested patients should also visit the chiropractic clinic’s website for additional information. If you are suffering from pain in your back, neck, shoulders, head, or extremities, then see a chiropractor. You can finally stop searching “The Woodlands TX chiropractor Aetna insurance near me” and start calling Dr. Runnels.

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