The Woodlands TX Chiropractors that take Aetna Insurance

Patients seeking “The Woodlands TX chiropractors that take Aetna insurance” should give North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine a call today. The chiropractor of this clinic is Dr. Runnels. He and his team specialize in sports and auto accident injuries but offer treatment options for various patients.

North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine accepts Aetna insurance along with many other insurance policies. Patients will find comfort in the services offered by Dr. Runnels and his team. Various treatments and therapy options are offered at North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine.

Dr. Runnels got his start as a chiropractor when he was a personal trainer. Many of his clients were athletes with musculoskeletal injuries. The more of these injuries he came across, the more interest he gained. Eventually, he could no longer hold back his interest and dived into medical education. Now, Dr. Runnels and his wife run North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine with the highest form of kindness.

Patients who have experienced a sports injury or an auto accident will find comfort in the treatment options at North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine. Chiropractic patients could potentially experience various therapy options to treat their condition. Regardless, they will get the highest form of care from Dr. Runnels and his team.

The Woodlands TX Chiropractors that take Aetna Insurance

Dr. Runnels can diagnose and treat several types of sports injuries.

Automotive Accident and Sports Injuries

There are 20 to 50 million auto accident injuries every year. Every injury ranges in severity, but a portion of them are related to the spine. The spine is an important part of the body for a number of reasons. Firstly, the spine is the primary reason humans can walk upright. Secondly, the spine is the largest collection of bones in the body. Thirdly, the spine supports the entire skeletal structure. Finally, the spine and the nervous system have a special relationship.

All of these traits make the spine a unique part of the body. Its relationship with the nervous system allows its injuries to become worse problems than they need to be. If pain is felt in the spine, then there is a chance that pain appears in other areas of the body. For example, the base of the spine is located in the neck. Pain can radiate up into the neck and spread to the shoulders. It can even cause headaches or worse, migraines.

Car accidents can cause severe issues with the spine. A simple impact will cause stress in the spine, which can lead to a variety of spine issues. Patients may experience pain in the back, neck, shoulders, head, or extremities. Additionally, they could develop severe migraines or develop a spinal disc injury. All of these injuries should be considered serious because they can turn into chronic pain.

Sports injuries are almost just as common as auto accident injuries. 2.9 million sports injuries occur every year. Dr. Runnels can diagnose and treat patients with these types of injuries. If patients need surgery for there injury, Dr. Runnels can provide rehabilitation afterward. Less serious injuries can be treated within the clinic itself.

A Pediatric Chiropractor

Dr. Runnels may specialize in injuries from sports and automotive accidents, but he can help a wide range of demographics. Children are typically rougher on their bodies than adults are. Moreover, children are in the process of growing and will hit growth spurts. In these cases, children and teens can experience pain or discomfort from their changing bodies.

The Woodlands TX Chiropractors that take Aetna Insurance

Various sports children participate in can affect the development of the spine.

If that is the case, then Dr. Runnels can help them adjust. Simple spine adjustment can do a world of change. He can also help children who are developing scoliosis. This is a serious condition that is capable of hindering a child from walking.

Scoliosis causes the spine to curve horizontally rather than vertically. The body will shift to the side, which can lead to severe health issues. Dr. Runnels can help children prevent this condition from getting worse. There is little known about scoliosis, including the cause. However, there are ways of combatting the disease.

A Chiropractor for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women‘s bodies go through unimaginable change. Their organs will move, bone structure will change, and ligaments and joints loosen. These changes cause stress and tension in parts of the body. The spine will come under a lot of stress even though it curves forward to adjust for the extra weight. If women do not experience pain during pregnancy, then they may do so afterward.

Similar to children, Dr. Runnels can help women adjust to their changing bodies. After birth, some changes stay permanent such as wider hips or larger feet. The team at North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine will help pregnant women get comfortable in their new bodies. If back pain occurs, then let the team help you realign your back, so it is no longer a problem.

Therapy Options Offered


Acupuncture seeks to realign the “chi” or energy of a person’s body.

North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine is able to treat so many injury types because of the various treatment options. Each of these options are geared toward specific injury types. These therapy options also include different methods of healing that may benefit others more than some. One example of a therapy offered is trigger point therapy.

Trigger points are spots around the body that store stress and tension. Sore spots, bruises, and pain can appear in areas with high stressed points. Trigger point therapy will use massages and dry needling to release the points. Dry needling is painless and different from acupuncture. Acupuncture’s goal is to realign the energy of a patient while dry needling speeds up the process of trigger point therapy.

The Woodlands TX Chiropractors that take Aetna Insurance

Patients who are feeling back, shoulder, extremity, or neck pain should get in touch with North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine today. Dr. Runnels highly recommends patients see a chiropractor in order to live more comfortable lives after an auto accident or sports injury. So, book an appointment by calling (281) 443-1287 or fill out the form online. New patients will get a free consultation on their first visit. North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine offer high-quality care, which is why patients can stop searching “The Woodlands TX chiropractors that take Aetna insurance.”

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