The Woodlands TX Blue Cross Chiropractor

Finding the Woodlands TX blue cross chiropractor that works for you can be a challenge. Discover our services that will aid you on the road to recovery. When you are in pain from an injury, it can be a challenge to find a doctor who understands your struggle. Here at North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine, we care about you and strive to make your appointment as comfortable as possible.

We accept a variety of types of insurance, including the blue cross blue shield. Please call us before your appointment to allow us to verify your insurance to make sure you are covered for our services.

The Woodlands TX blue cross chiropractor

Don’t let an injury from a car accident take over your life. Call us today.

Auto Accident Care

We offer special care for those who have suffered from an auto accident. After an accident, there can be residual pain that you want to overcome in order to return to your daily life. We understand that it is crucial in tackling these problems as soon as they occur.

At our facility, we offer a free consultation and same-day adjustments. Medical issues can be extremely complicated, which is why we offer a free consultation. This will allow you to work with Dr. Runnels to discover the root of the injury and then find the best methods to treat it.

When you come to visit the medical office, the main thing you dread is the wait. We strive to make your wait as short as possible. How we do this is we offer patient paperwork online so you can fill out any forms in the comfort of your home.

We want to make sure you have little to no wait time at all. You have a busy day, and we get that. The reason you are in our office is to mitigate your pain so you can get through your day. We never want to waste any time you spend with us. This is why our wait times are short, and we will give you a consultation with same day adjustments. We can be your The Woodlands TX blue cross chiropractor.

Sports Injury

Sports can be a dangerous game to play. However, we all still love sports and will continue to play regardless of the risks. This is why we need to have resources available to care for those who are injured on the field. There are ma variety of benefits to chiropractic care for those with sports injuries.

The Woodlands TX blue cross chiropractor

With our help, you’ll get back on the field in no time

A common misconception about chiropractors is that we only work with the spine. Chiropractors have a vast understanding of the musculoskeletal system and how to enhance healing. Because of this knowledge, we are able to help with appendages as well.

Our clinics have rehabilitation services for those who have had surgery. However, not all injuries need surgery. For these injuries, our doctors can diagnose it and determine what care it will need.

We have services such as muscle excitation, or physical therapy that will help you on your road to recovery. These services are available for both arms and legs. You need your arms and legs, so it is important to bring them back to their full potential.

The back is also another place that can receive serious injuries. Often when someone is facing chronic pain, it is because of their back and from an injury that someone has had a long ago.

There’s no set time frame for healing, and the healing process is not always a fast one. We often push ourselves to get better faster than we are capable of. While a person can recover enough to get back out on the field, they may not have recovered to keep from future pain and injury.

This is why, as The Woodlands TX blue cross chiropractor, we give you the care you need to heal fully. We understand that the body is interconnected, which is why we help with more than just your spine. Your health and comfort is our top priority.

Headaches and Migraines

To many people’s surprise, we are able to help with headaches and migraines. Headaches and migraines can negatively affect a person’s daily life. They also can cause further problems such as nausea or noise sensitivity, and the pain can radiate through your back, neck, and jaw.

There are many causes of headaches and migraines. Also, headaches are different from migraines. While they are both highly inconvenient, to say the least, one is more severe than the other.

Migraines tend to be more chronic than headaches and often don’t have a cause. Because headaches aren’t chronic, they often don’t require medical care. Water and rest will usually take care of them. Migraines, however, do need medical attention and can be relieved by a chiropractor.

There are many ways to classify a migraine:

The Woodlands TX blue cross chiropractor

Ditch the pain killers for a more permanent solution. Allow us to be your The Woodlands TX blue cross chiropractor

  • Common migraine
  • Complicated migraine
  • Migraine without head pain
  • Hemiplegic migraine
  • Chronic migraine
  • Retinal migraines

There are also different types of headaches:

  • Ice pick headaches
  • Cluster headaches
  • Cervicogenic headaches

If you are struggling with any of these types of headaches, give us a call. In order for your body to operate at its best, its ecosystem needs to be cared for. This includes your headaches and migraines. These could be caused by an underlying spinal problem. There are many nerves at the base of the neck that can affect the head. Instead of letting the pain persist, give us a call, and we can help you get back to enjoying life.

Meet The Woodlands TX blue cross chiropractor

Medication can stave off the pain for a while but doesn’t help a person heal any faster. In fact, with effective medication, you could forget that you are injured and irritate the affected area. Dr. Timothy D. Runnels understands the power of holistic healing. He opened his practice to improve musculoskeletal health, and he would love to improve yours.

He and his team are kind and compassionate. They believe in treating all clients like family. Give us a call today at (281) 443-1287 to get the help you deserve. We also treat more than just the injuries listed above. Here are some other conditions we treat, and if you relate to any of these, check out our location. We are The Woodlands TX blue cross chiropractor you need.

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  • There are nearly 150 parks in this area
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