Spring TX Chiropractor Aetna Insurance Near Me

Patients searching “Spring TX chiropractor Aetna insurance near me” can find comfort at North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine. Dr. Runnels and his team specialize in sports and automotive accident injuries. His chiropractic clinic does accept Aetna insurance. The clinic also accepts a wide range of other health insurance.

Please call now if you want to know if your insurance is welcome. It is important to care for your spine because it is connected to the nervous system so intimately. It is a chiropractor’s job to know the relationship between these two systems and treating conditions associated with them. For example, chiropractors can treat carpal tunnel.

Even though this condition is not directly associated with the spine, they can still diagnose and treat the illness. Common symptoms that may prompt you to call a chiropractor is back, shoulder, head, or neck pain. Dr. Runnels and his team will work closely with you to secure a more comfortable life.

There is no need to suffer from chronic pain any longer. He and his team will do their best to reduce the pain and discomfort you feel. Before you call, ensure your insurance company covers chiropractic care. Some insurance companies are not responsible for such types of care.

The Aetna sites are liable for the content they have on their website. They mention some of their plans cover chiropractic care. However, plans that do cover the care must meet three important criteria. You can view them below.

  1. You have a neuromusculoskeletal disorder
  2. The treatment necessary for your disorder is clearly documented
  3. Improvement from said treatment is documented within two weeks of starting the treatment

Sports and Auto Injuries

Spring TX Chiropractor Aetna Insurance Near Me

Your spine can sustain serious damage from a car accident.

Dr. Runnels specializes in injuries sustained from a sport or car accident. These types of injuries are very specific because of the areas they can occur. For example, a car accident can cause immense damage to the spine. In fact, the spine will take most of the damage upon impact. Subsequently, the damage can lead to worse issues in the spine or related areas.

Dr. Runnels became interested in chiropractic care when he was a personal trainer. Many of the people he saw were athletes with musculoskeletal injuries. The more injuries he saw, the more interested he became. A few years later, Dr. Runnels started his medical education. He and his team are dedicated to providing the highest form of chiropractic care and kindness.

Chiropractors are not able to treat sports injuries that require surgery. However, Dr. Runnels can treat injuries that do not require such a procedure. Furthermore, he can provide physical therapy to patients after their surgery. Get in touch with North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine at your convenience only.

Pediatric Chiropractic Care

There are many reasons why a child or teenager may need chiropractic care. Children are typically wilder than adults, and so they can get themselves hurt. If your child is experiencing back pain or something similar to what is on our site, then chiropractic care may benefit them. One example of why you would bring your child to North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine is they have scoliosis.

Scoliosis is when the spine curves horizontally rather than vertically. The cause of this condition is unknown, but it appears when children enter their puberty stage. The rest of the child’s body will change because the spine is the essential building block of the body. It supports the entire skeletal structure and has a relationship with the nervous system. These important traits make the spine a crucial bone structure.

Spring TX Chiropractor Aetna Insurance Near Me

Scoliosis appears during puberty of children and teens.

A pediatric chiropractor can help your child with scoliosis. If you start to notice early signs of the condition, schedule an appointment with Dr. Runnels today. He can help keep the condition from getting worse through therapy and other treatment options.

Pregnancy Chiropractic Care

Pregnant women go through immense change. Their bodies move organs, their bone structure changes, and joints can loosen. All of these features can take a toll on the body. Additionally, significantly more weight is added to the front of the body. The spine has to support this extra weight, and it has a tough time doing so. The extra weight causes strain in the back, and so back pain can occur.

In fact, the spine will lean forward to accommodate for the extra weight. This curvature is what causes the pain in their back. Pregnancy can even increase the size of your feet. Women who go through pregnancy have reported growing into another shoe size. This is a common symptom that can occur during pregnancy. Dr. Runnels and his team can help pregnant women become reacquainted and comfortable with their new bodies.

Spring TX Chiropractor Aetna Insurance Near Me

Spring TX chiropractor Aetna insurance near me

These services are also available after birth. During pregnancy, joints and ligaments around the pelvis loosen. The biggest reason these features loosen is to allow an easier passing for the baby. Unfortunately, the joints and ligaments do not always revert back to their old selves. Of course, you may not experience any of these issues well-after birth.

Women have reported experiencing back pain several years after their child is born. Regardless of when you develop back pain, our team can help you live a more comfortable life. Dr. Runnels and his team of nurses offer friendly and professional care. Chronic pain is something you do not have to suffer from any longer.

Spring TX Chiropractor Aetna Insurance Near Me

If you are a patient searching “Spring TX chiropractor Aetna insurance near me,” then get in touch with North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine. Dr. Runnels is an experienced and skilled chiropractor. Give his chiropractic clinic a call today at (281) 443-1287. First-time patients get a free consultation, so there is no cost.

Back, neck, shoulder, head, and extremity pain is the thing of the past. There are a slew of treatment options Dr. Runnels can offer patients. Patients should also call to find out if their health insurance is accepted by Dr. Runnels’ clinic. His team will inform you of everything you need to know. So, stop searching “Spring TX chiropractor Aetna insurance near me” and start calling North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine.

Fun Facts about Spring

  1. According to rumors, Bonnie and Clyde visited Spring, TX, in the 1930s.
  2. Spring, TX is home to Mercer Botanic Gardens, 60 acres of maintained gardens, ponds, and trails.
  3. The city hosts family-friendly events and festivals throughout the year.
  4. Find more fun facts about Spring here.

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