Spring TX Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO Chiropractic Coverage

If you are searching “Spring TX Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO chiropractic coverage,” then get in touch with North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine today. New patients will receive a free consultation on their first visit. Dr. Runnels is able to diagnose and treat a wide range of injuries.

He got his start as a chiropractor when he was a personal trainer. During his time in the position, he had many clients with musculoskeletal system injuries. The more of these injury types he saw, the more interested he became. Eventually, he started his medical education to become a chiropractor.

Spring TX Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO Chiropractic Coverage

Spring TX Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO Chiropractic Coverage

If you are a licensee of the blue, then you have many ways to find a doctor. Patients should consider North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine. The team underneath Dr. Runnels is skilled in chiropractic care and offers the highest form of care. Patients will feel at home when they are in the clinic.

There are millions of sports and auto-related accidents every year. These injuries range in severity, but many times they appear in the spine. The spine is a delicate collection of bones that chiropractors study. They learn how to treat injuries in the spine and other areas of the body through manipulation of the spine. Dr. Runnels will work closely with patients to get the best results possible. Call now for the best Spring TX Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO chiropractic coverage.

Automotive Accident Injuries

There are between 20 to 50 million injuries caused by automotive accidents every year. The spine is a commonly affected area during a car crash. Once the car is impacted by force, the spine will take a large amount of force. In some cases, it can cause severe issues that require surgery. One such injury is known as a herniated disc.

If the spine is damaged or injured, then it may cause pain in other areas of the body. The head, neck, shoulders, and extremities are other common areas of pain or discomfort that may be felt. It is important to note the spine and nervous system have a close relationship with each other. If the spine is causing pain, then that pain can be felt in other parts of the body.

North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine can help patients with the following ailments.

x-ray of a spine

A spinal disc injury can be a potentially dangerous condition.

  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Arm and Leg pain
  • Headaches or Migraines
  • Whiplash
  • Spinal disc injury

These are common automotive accident injuries. Dr. Runnels can help patients through a variety of different treatment options for these injuries. All of these injuries range in severity level. As aforementioned, a spinal disc injury is certainly the most severe.

Spinal Disc Injuries

A common type of spinal disc injury is known as a herniated disc. This condition is also known as bulged, slipped, or ruptured disc. It occurs when the disc nucleus is pushed out into the spinal cavity through a tear. Herniated discs can also cause pinched nerves, which can cause severe pain. Herniated discs can occur when the spine is under immense pressure.

Fortunately, spinal decompression is one way to treat a herniated disc. Spinal decompression aims to reduce the pressure of the spine to push the nucleus back into the place. Decompression takes several visits to the clinic and is considered a conservative treatment option. Dr. Runnels may use a number of different methods to treat your herniated disc.

If there are no treatments that are successful, then surgery may be required. Serious herniated discs may cause the loss of bowel control and have difficulty standing. If this is the case, then surgery is imperative.

Cold Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy is one type of therapy option offered by North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine. The treatment option takes advantage of a low-temperature laser. Patients won’t be able to feel the laser interact with their skin. The laser is the size of a flashlight and will go over the injured area. Then, the light passes through the skin and activates the intracellular metabolism. Moreover, this natural system decreases pain, swelling, and improves the healing process.

Cold laser therapy is a relatively new medical development. There is not a lot of data behind the treatment, but the results speak for themselves. Cold laser therapy can be used to treat the following injuries:

Spring Houston Acupuncture

Dry needling speeds up the process of releasing trigger points.

  • Ligament sprains
  • Muscle sprains
  • Neck pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Knee pain
  • Muscle spasm pain

Trigger Point Therapy

Another therapy option for patients is trigger point therapy. The body is full of spots where tension and stress collect. These spots are known as trigger points. Trigger points can create sore areas, bruises, and pain. So, trigger point therapy attempts to find these spots and relieve them. Dr. Runnels will use massage techniques and dry needling to release trigger points.

Dry needling is different from acupuncture in that it speeds up the process of releasing trigger points. Acupuncture is used to realign the energy or “chi” of a person’s body. Trigger point therapy is capable of treating lower back pain, migraines, and more. Patients can be assured this process is painless because the size of the needles are very small.


Physiotherapy encourages patients to overcome an injury through physical means. Methods such as exercise, heat treatment, and massaging are just a few examples. This therapy helps patients treat disease, injuries, and deformities. Improving muscular flexibility is the best way to overcome physical issues. Dr. Runnels will help patients implement this treatment option in their lives. He and his team offer physiotherapy options like ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, and electro-therapy.

Spring TX Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO Chiropractic Coverage

If you are suffering from a spinal injury or chronic pain, then you could benefit from North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine. Dr. Runnels and his team offer a free consultation for first-time patients. You can reach the clinic by calling (281) 443-1287. Give the team a call to find information about Medicaid and Medicare-related information. Additionally, patients should read more about sports injuries and auto accident options. So, stop searching “Spring TX Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO chiropractic coverage” and start calling the team today.

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  • Spring, TX is home to Collins Park, a 55-acres creekside outdoor recreational area.
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