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Our work sets us apart from any other clinic you might find in Houston. All ages are welcome for care, and there is an extensive amount of treatments we use to help our clients recover. We can create an environment for healing that surpasses average and overtakes excellence. Let’s work together to get your body in peak physical shape!

What Is Chiropractic Care?

To understand our business and what our field is, you’ll have to take a little look back into history. The very first chiropractic case didn’t occur until 1895 in Cleveland, Ohio. Now, this wasn’t to say that these practices hadn’t been going on before that. Studies of the techniques and methods of spinal manipulation were, at that time, thousands of years old. A glimpse of the concept flickered in Mesopotamia, China, Egypt, and briefly in Europe, too.

It wasn’t a matter of being able to perform them, but rather the respectability that got in the way of progress. Nevertheless, a young man named Daniel David Palmer finally prevailed in bringing chiropractic to the main stage.

It all started when an aging janitor encountered Palmer, who was a practiced experimental physician. His expertise was tied to using magnets and other strange holistic tactics for healing wounds and curing ailments. When this man approached Palmer, he had explained that he was deaf and had been for 17 years of his life. Apparently, at one point, he was working, and there was a shift in his back. At that moment, he had lost his sense of hearing.

Palmer was fascinated with the case, and it tried to figure out what could be done. With little hesitation, he theorized that the teachings from his studies would suffice. It was here and now, in 1895, that the first adjustment was ever performed. Palmer laid the janitor out on the table and replaced a vertebra that had slipped out of place. It appeared that this was the source of his problems. When it was put back into position, the janitor was immediately relieved. However, that was only the start. By the end of the day, the man had regained his hearing. This is what modernized chiropractic care in the Americas. With this miraculous discovery, the origin of modern chiropractic care started here, and it soared into the limelight as more scholars and schools became further invested.

When Should You Come And See A Chiropractor?

North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine wants to assure you that there is never a wrong time to check up on your posture. We can offer you a regiment of sessions that focus on maintaining all of the different steps to stay healthy. This may involve a diet plan, exercise, physical therapy routines, post-surgical rehabilitation, and all of the usual treatments to keep your back aligned.

You don’t need to have a severe injury, be an athlete, or have wear from old age. Chiropractic care is something everyone can benefit from. We want to help build your musculoskeletal system to be the best it can be. Therefore if you are a healthy adult or even a young child, you could benefit from coming in and having a session. We offer free consultations too, so we’ll be able to tell you exactly how much help we can provide.

About Us

At North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine, we want to help our patients recover to the best of their ability. Usually, they deal with immense pain, restriction, and maybe even confusion only over how to heal. Regardless of the condition, the owners and lead chiropractors, Teresa and Dr. Timothy Runnels can get people the extensive care they need.

Dr. Runnels is an excellent chiropractor who has been in the field for over 20 years. They first founded this practice in 1999 in Houston. However, in 2005 they moved to Spring, Texas, where they are still helping clients today. Dr. Runnels is also a certified acupuncturist, so that means you’ll also have the option of getting an acupuncture treatment. This sort of diversity is what makes our venture so successful and effective.


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We Offer Free Consultations And Free Spinal Adjustments!

To give you the best service, we offer new patients the ability to get a free consultation before you even visit. Other offices will charge you to get expert medical opinions. As for North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine, we want you to be aware and knowledgable about your injuries. This way, if you do decide to make an appointment with us, we can know ahead of time precisely what your issues are. This can lead to a fast and effective treatment that can get you back on your feet sooner rather than later.

Also, when you make appointments with us, you will get a free spinal adjustment for each session that you have. This sort of treatment can aid immensely in healing but is a spectacular preventative measure that can help you stay in peak physical fitness.

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When it comes to the spine, there is no one better than a chiropractor to help relieve pain. This practice is ancient, and before modernized, was used to treat some of the same injuries and issues we run into today. Today North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine continues that tradition. We offer many treatments that range from your standard regiment to new and diverse options you may not have heard of. That’s why we want to recommend our services to those who may be feeling pain. If it’s in the spine, or the arms and legs, even in the neck, we have remedies that can put you at ease. Stop searching for Spring Texas wellness chiropractic and give us a call at (281) 443-1287.

Spring, TX Fun Facts

  1. The city of Spring was #5 on CNN Money Magazine’s most affordable places to live
  2. Spring, Texas is located in two counties – Harris County and Montgomery County
  3. No zoning laws – this increases the importance of subdivision deed restrictions
  4. To learn more about Spring Texas, click here!

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