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Are you searching for a Spring Texas chiropractor near me? The best choice in the area is going to be North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine.

With state of the art equipment and personnel who are well versed in their field — you couldn’t be in better hands! Our goal is to aid you in relieving your pains for good. Attempting to mask the pain or temporarily relieve it does not work for our philosophy. We want you to leave our clinic feeling better than ever.

Our treatments will put you back on your feet and in the healthiest state possible. Visit our clinic today and get a free consultation; we’ll even provide you with a full spinal adjustment on your first appointment. This is the protocol for every appointment; in fact, creating a practice that revolves around your health is our priority.

Stop searching for Spring Texas Chiropractor near me and visit North Houston Spine today!

About Our Practice

North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine has been in the Houston area since 1999, and they moved to the Spring area in 2005. For over 20 years, we have been serving clients with the utmost care. Our lead chiropractors and founders, Theresa and Dr. Timothy Runnels, have excelled in their practice. From starting as a personal trainer to studying acupuncture, Dr. Runnels has made a huge stride in growing his business.

With authenticity and a veteran background in the field, our work stands above the rest. All of the equipment and treatments we offer are top of the line and state of the art. You will be given a high degree of attention and care at our clinic, starting from the very first day, whether you’re getting one of our specialized therapy treatments or merely an x-ray to gain more insight on your condition. These are options that would otherwise be unavailable to you at other chiropractic centers. Our years of experience can have a significant impact on your health and fitness. Let us help you live a better lifestyle that is pain-free and full of enjoyment.

Commercial Rehabilitation Center

While most chiropractic clinics offer a small selection of rubber bands and training balls to help you rehabilitate, that’s only a fraction of the services we provide. Our entire rehab center is designed to be commercially viable. From the extensive stretching equipment to the light-weight machines made for resistance training, we offer a complete setup.

There will be plenty of tools at your disposal that will make the service feel above and beyond your average clinic. Since Dr. Runnels had a previous history as a personal trainer, the results are based on years of practice. He understands what it will take to get you working at the rate of professional athletes. After all, Runnels has worked with many of them. Through his expertise and insight on the road to recovery, he has incorporated a rehabilitation center, which is a part of the clinic itself. This addition can create a huge benefit for clients working on preventative measures or still in the early stages of healing from trauma.

Our Specialized Therapy Treatments

North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine hosts a plethora of unique and holistic therapy programs. Some of them are as new and revolutionary as it gets. For example, we can provide cold laser therapy, infrared therapy, trigger point therapy, and the traditional physical therapy sessions you’re used to. However, the first three therapies mentioned are still very new and are considered to be burgeoning in the chiropractic field.

For example, cold laser therapy is a treatment that uses cooled lasers of varying frequency and strength to address specific issues. They can mitigate pains from joints, muscles, nerves, and bones through one machine. Our other option, infrared therapy, is also an exotic new option that uses infrared light to stimulate cellular growth and tissue healing at more profound levels of the skin.

They can reduce pain and swelling, too. Treatments like trigger point therapy are also utilized very effectively here. Through the direct physical adjustments of your trigger points, you will be feeling better than ever. It is no question that our choices of therapy are extensive. Come and explore our options today!

Benefits For New Patients

Unlike other locations, there is usually never much attention given to the new patients on their first day. Often, there is a lot of paperwork that they make you go through. You might not even get a chance to see the doctor!

This is not going to be the case at Houston Spine & Sports Medicine, as we ensure our clients will be seen on day one. Therefore, before they come in, we will give them a free consultation to determine the best course of action.

When you do make your appointment, we’ll make sure that you get a full spinal adjustment as well. It’s a requirement at every one of your visits because we don’t want you to leave without making progress. Our goal is to bring healing to you, and we’ll make sure you spend no time waiting on it.

North Houston Spine is the place to get the treatment that you need to recover!

Contact Us

If you’re looking for a good chiropractor near me, you don’t have to look much further. Our clinic is a premier option in the greater Houston and Spring area. We can provide extensive benefits and treatments that you won’t find elsewhere. With our immense history and background in the field, our work is both authentic and revolutionary. This is the result of passion and consideration for our patients.

When you decide that you would like to set up an appointment, you can easily reach us at (281) 443-1287 or visit our website. Stop searching for Spring Texas Chiropractor near me and let us give you the best chiropractic care in the Houston area. You will be surprised at the impact chiropractic treatment has on your health.

Spring, TX Fun Facts

  1. Jim Parsons (actor): graduated from Klein Oak High School in 1991. In 2010, Jim won an Emmy for best actor in a comedy series for his role as Sheldon on “Big Bang Theory.”
  2. Matt Bomer (actor): born in Spring, Texas, and graduated from Klein High School. Matt’s latest role is the starring role as a con artist fighting crime in “White Collar,” a show on the USA Network.
  3. Laura Wilkinson (Olympic Medalist): was raised in Spring, Texas, and graduated from Klein High School. Laura has won several platform diving medals at the Olympics, World Cup, and Goodwill Games.
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