Humble TX Blue Cross Blue Shield Chiropractor

North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine’s Humble TX Blue Cross Blue Shield Chiropractor services can help residents in and around the Greater Houston Area. If you’re suffering the effects of an auto accident or another type of physical injury, we can help.

We accept blue cross blue shield, and we have everything to alleviate chronic pain. Whether it’s a sports injury or a pain that you just started experiencing. We offer treatment for all types of pain, and we’ll make sure you get the results you deserve. Here are some of the reasons to choose us as your chiropractor provider:

Free Consultations

Before any chiropractic work is done, we first need to discover the root of the pain and find the right method to alleviate this pain. North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine will make sure that all options are considered prior to choosing the right path.

Humble TX Blue Cross Blue Shield Chiropractor

Humble TX Blue Cross Blue Shield Chiropractor

During this consultation, we’ll discuss the details about your conditions to evaluate possible treatment options. Through careful planning and attention to detail, we’ll alleviate your pain for a long time to come.

No Long Wait Times

While getting treatments is great for patients, one thing that isn’t so great is the waiting time that most medical offices have during busy hours. Waiting to receive assistance is never fun, especially if you’re already suffering from major pain.

No need to worry, as we make you wait a long time. We provide printable PDFs for our patients online. Visit our patient paperwork webpage to access these forms. By printing them out and filling out before your visit, you’ll save lots of time. Just one of the many reasons why we’re an excellent choice for Humble TX Blue Cross Blue Shield Chiropractor services.

Attorney Referrals

Dealing with the aftermath of an auto accident can stressing. We can help you deal with the aftermath appropriately by providing you with a list of qualified attorneys in the area that specialize in auto accidents.

We have a number of connections that can prove useful to you and your family. If you’re seeking a settlement or are looking to file a lawsuit, we can be of great help in finding the right attorney for you. All you have to do is ask about our attorney referrals while waiting in our office.

Treating You Like Family

Our facilities are family-friendly and will make you feel at home during your time here. You’ll find friendly and polite staff. We always prioritize our clients’ best interests, and we provide the necessary services to make sure you’re comfortable.

Even more, we don’t ask for extra charges for cancellation fees or force patients to signup for extended treatment contracts. Furthermore, we are also able to verify your insurance coverage before any appointments and explaining to you what exactly your insurance covers.  Our Humble TX Blue Cross Blue Shield Chiropractor office offers a very pleasant experience for patients.

Alleviate Back Pain

Alleviate Back Pain

Relaxation and Rehabilitation

North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine offers patients services to relax and rehabilitate. We deal with services such as direct contact massage, rolling bed massage, Jeanie Rub Massage, Acupuncture, inversion table therapy, spinal decompression therapy, and sports and auto accident rehabilitation.

Our services work towards ensuring that your extremities are in cooperation with your spinal column. This helps alleviate the pains that you are experiencing. Choosing North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine brings effective and soothing rehabilitation services.

We’ll help you relax and rehabilitate through services such as chiropractic therapy, physical exercises, and targeted stretching. Our chiropractic services can help you live the life you deserve, one free of nagging pains.

Back Pain

Severe back pain can be stem from a number of causes. Injuries, obesity, stress infections, and physical trauma are all potential caused for back pain. As a matter of fact, one of the more common reasons patients visit us is for back pain treatment.

In order to best treat your pain, we focus on understanding what the source of your pain is.

Pain Caused by Auto Accident

Car accidents are very likely to leave lasting effects on a person’s body. While some accidents may be minor, there can be more serious ones that could result in severe damage to the vehicle and your body.

North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine specializes in the treatment of car accident injuries. In addition to helping you heal, we can also refer you to the most qualified attorneys to help get you the best settlement possible.

Pain Caused by Stress

Chronic stress can affect more than just your mind. Tension has a physical effect on a person that can become severe in certain instances. While the reason for your stress can’t be removed at times, you can still treat the symptoms of pain themselves.

Don't live with pain, call us today

Don’t live with pain, call us today

Pain Caused by Sprains and Strains

If you’re someone who engages in sports often, you’re probably subjecting your muscles to heavy wear and tear. You probably also suffer from sprains and strains on a regular basis. A sprain can cause pain, bruising, and swelling, which be uncomfortable to deal with.

Visit us to learn more about our back pain treatment.

Headache and Migraines

For those dealing with headaches and migraines, we can help with that as well. Both of these pains are characterized by a feeling of throbbing or pain in the head. Migraines, however, come in stages, last longer, and generally more severe in pain. Additionally, migraines can tend to be a reoccurring problem, not a one that is dependant on other causes.

On the other hand, headaches can subside within a couple of hours could be caused by dehydration, malnutrition, stress, light sensitivity, or a wide range of issues. Here’s a little bit more about migraines:

Common Migraine (Migraine without Aura)

A common migraine can be described as your head throbbing and possible nausea. Common migraine does not have warning phases or visual symptoms.

Complicated Migraine (Migraine with Aura)

A complicated migraine is different from a common migraine is that the victim experiences warnings, as well as aura. Which is characterized by seeing black spots, zigzags, or numbness. Aura is the second symptom of migraine and comes right before severe head pain.

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Our chiropractic services help residents in and around the Greater Houston Area. Whether it’s back pain, headaches, migraines, sciatica, scoliosis, disc injury, arm pain, or leg pain, we got you covered. Contact us today by calling (281) 443-1287. Check our locations page to find our office and chiropractic webpages have valuable information on our services. Our Humble TX Blue Cross Blue Shield Chiropractor is here to help, so don’t wait to call.

Humble TX Fun Facts

  • The city of Humble was settled during the early 1800s
  • Incorporated in 1933
  • Home to the Humble Historical Museum, Sheldon Lake State Park, and Botanical Gardens
  • Learn more about Humble here

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