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Your Humble TX Aetna chiropractor is here to help you through the tough times you may experience with your back. For instance, athletes have to deal with pain all the time. Because of the constant strain, the body goes through like training and repeatedly performing for crowds, athletes have a higher risk of experiencing muscle or skeletal injuries. Therefore, a relationship with a doctor who specializes in sports medicine is ideal for maintaining their physical health. However, with the constant check-ups implemented, it can be expensive.

Therefore, we accept Aetna insurance and other forms of payment to make your chiropractor appointment easier to go to. We offer rehab for athletes who need help with recovery. After seeing a doctor, the news you receive of having to sit out from competition can be devastating. After all, sports isn’t only a game for most adults. For many, it becomes their very livelihood. Hence, being knocked out of competition for many months takes a toll on their body, performance, and reputation. North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine understands the need for recovery. Therefore, we help with small injury or severe trauma.

If you’re experiencing an athletic injury, please call us at (281) 443-1287. We highly recommend our services because we work on the body as a whole to fix your damage. After all, injuries, especially those dealing with the back, can cause other pains to occur. Because of this fact, we take pride in our holistic approach when it comes to anatomy. We help with back pain, neck, pain, head pain, sciatica, and even carpal tunnel. If you experience a spine injury but experience other symptoms that affect these areas of your body, it’s possible that’s it’s your network of nerves.

Humble TX Aetna Chiropractor

Please call us if you have any back pain.

The Spine

When it comes to Humble TX Aetna chiropractor services, there’s a reason we look at the spine and your body as a whole. As some of you may know, the spine is a vital part of your anatomy. It starts at the stem or occipital bone and passes through the foramen magnum. From there, it enters the spinal canal at the start of the cervical vertebrae. In other words, the spinal cord starts at your brain and extends down to your tail bone. With the spine comes a hive of neurons within the nervous system that the spine is attached to. All of these neurons are responsible for transmitting signals throughout your body.

That’s right! Your spine is a crucial element to the way your body functions. If you’ve ever come across someone with a spinal injury and can’t walk because of it, it’s most likely due to the upper half of their body not being able to communicate with the lower half. If the spine is injured in certain areas, neurons can’t do their job and transmit information to the part of the body it’s supposed to. North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine understands this concept. That’s why our chiropractor, Dr. Timothy D. Runnles, provides the North Houston area with quality service.

As a personal fitness instructor, Dr. Runnels noticed that athletes experienced pain quite often. By studying these physical ailments, he was inspired to become a chiropractor to help the same type of people he saw experience injuries. Therefore, his dedication to such injuries reflects in the very services he does. If you begin to look at the spine as an integral communication system of the body rather than support to walk, you’ll understand why other injuries can occur. Let’s delve into some of the other pains you may experience due to back injuries.

Humble TX Aetna Chiropractor

Back pain

Other Areas of Pain

The most prominent area we treat is, of course, the back. There are many potential causes of back pain, which can be caused by stress, obesity, infections, or trauma. For example, when a woman is depressed, they may be experiencing most of these causes due to the extra weight stressed on their lower back. Believe it or not, millions of women suffer every year due to carrying children. Even after post-birth, they can still experience symptoms. Fortunately, chiropractic treatment greatly aids women who experience such pain.

Your Humble TX Aetna chiropractor also aids in other areas. Our spine and skeletal structure are sensitive to multiple factors. For instance, if you’re going through kidney stones or a urinary tract infection, it can cause lower back pain. North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine helps in healing chronic back pain. As we study back pain, we’ve found that physical exercise, stretching, massage, and spinal manipulation assists with relieving chronic pain. Even if you have pain caused by disability or disfigurement, chiropractic services greatly benefit the way your body feels. Therefore, when you come to us with your condition, we look at the body as a whole and offer solutions.

Shoulder pain is also a common injury to have. Athletes and people, in general, use their arms a lot when performing an activity. Over time, repeated action can result in an injury. For example, every time a baseball player pitches the ball, they are utilizing their rotator’s cup to propel the ball at high speed. Over time, that rotator cup becomes strained. If you’ve ever watched baseball, you’ll know that the pitcher has to ice regularly and stretch their shoulder before and after a game. With our understanding of the musculoskeletal system, we ensure that you’ll feel better after your visit.

Humble TX Aetna Chiropractor

We take care of shoulder pain.

Humble TX Aetna Chiropractor Takes Care of You

As you can see, we do everything in our power to make sure you are comfortable and relieve your pain. We want to make sure you’re able to function at optimal capacity or at least improve your mobility. North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine dedicates their efforts in making sure you get the treatment you need. There are many people secretly suffering from an injury. They hide the pain and continue through life as if everything is fine. However, you don’t have to pretend.

When you come to our facility, we’ll make sure we do everything we can to relieve your injury. Allow us to be your primary Humble TX Aetna chiropractor.

Humble TX Fun Facts

  • The city first settled in the 1800s by Joseph Dunman.
  • Humble has attractions such as Sheldon Lake State Park.
  • The city was incorporated in 1933.
  • For more fun facts, click here!

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