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There are many benefits to having a Houston TX Blue Shield chiropractor. However, there are quite a few misconceptions about chiropractic care. Often people visit a chiropractor for back pain, posture, or injury prevention. About 22 million people visit the chiropractor a year, with about 35% looking for relief from back pain.


Have back pain? We got your back. Tell us the source of your back pain, and we will come up with a treatment plan that best works for you.

So what is a Chiropractor? They use hands-on spinal manipulation to bring proper alignment. As a result, with proper alignment, it enables the body to heal itself without the need for medication or surgery.

Having a chiropractor that takes blue cross blue shield insurance allows the licensee of the blue cross to enjoy the benefits of having a chiropractor.

Improved Mobility

Although an injury can cause mobility of a joint to be hindered, chiropractic care can improve joint mobility after an injury. However, they help with more than just injury. They also help those with physical limitations and disabilities. Chiropractors are able to effectively increase the range of motion with their patients and reduce the need for medications.

Pain medications can have side effects and cause dependence, whereas chiropractic care can instead be a more holistic approach.

Chiropractic care can speed up the recovery time of an injury. Without physical therapy or chiropractic help, there can be prolonged problems. This is especially true for seniors.

For athletes, having an injured knee or ankle could mean the end of sports. Finding a Houston TX Blue Shield chiropractor will enable them to heal faster and get back on the field.

The more you care for your mobility, it will, in turn, protect your overall health. As you get older, this will prevent falls and injury, helping to maintain mobility and balance. It will also reduce the frequency of joint or muscle pain.


If you are dealing with neck, back, shoulder, or static, never pain call us today.

Pain Relief

The primary way chiropractors eliminate pain is through spine manipulation. However, they do have other treatments as well.

Research on chiropractic therapy focuses primarily on spinal manipulation for lower back pain. Although this is an effective alternative to pain medications, there’s also exercise and postural education, and ergonomic training.

They will also work with other care physicians as well to treat patients who have problems with pain. Ultimately, the goal of a chiropractor is to help relieve pain and then give the patient ways to manage it at home.

A study was done in 2018 on 750 active military members. The average age was 30 years old. Thes people were split into two groups. One group had medical care and chiropractic care for lower back pain. The scone group was given traditional care.

After six weeks, those who received medical and chiropractic care saw improvements more than those with traditional care. So looking through the search results for a Houston TX Blue Shield chiropractor is an excellent start to taking care of your pain.

Moving Away from Pain Medicine

There is a well known opioid crisis in the United States. Opioids are often used for pain relief and can be highly addictive. For anyone with an addictive personality, receiving pain medication can create a bigger problem. Addiction is often life-altering and challenging to get out of.

Choosing a chiropractor over traditional care limits a patient’s dependence on medication.

There are minor side effects of spinal manipulations, such as temporary muscle soreness or some stiffness. However, when compared with the side effects of medications and the possible addictions related, chiropractic care is the way to go.

Pain Conditions

There are a variety of pain conditions that chiropractic care can help you with. Here are a few circumstances a chiropractor will be able to treat.

  • Lower Back Pain

This is the most common reason people come to a chiropractor. Lower back pain can significantly affect your daily routine and make simple tasks painful. There are many reasons why you or someone you know could be having lower back pain. Some of these reasons could be caused by stress, sprains, or an accident, just to name a few.

  • Sciatica

Sciatica is pain that has to do with the static nerve. This never controls muscles in the lower leg and back of the knee. It also gives feeling to the feet, thighs, and lower back.

If an injured sciatic nerve is left untreated, it can become tedious or debilitating. Talking with a Houston TX Blue Shield chiropractor to increase healing and relieve pain in the area.

  • Neck Pain

Your neck is one more essential parts of your body. It houses a multitude of critical passageways, not to mention, is used for support and coordination. When you have neck pain, it is essential that you receive treatment to ensure proper healing of the area.

Houston TX blue shield chiropractor

Houston TX Blue Shield chiropractor

There are many things that could cause neck pain and many ways to prevent it. Talk to a Houston TX Blue Shield chiropractor today to know how you can avoid neck pain.

Types Of Therapy

Here at North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine, we offer a variety of comprehensive services. Our services are to help our clients receive the treatment they need to improve their health. Having the proper treatment is essential in getting the results you want. Here are a few of the types of therapy we offer.

  • Cold Laser Therapy

This is when the doctor uses a laser about as big as a flashlight to shine on the injured area. When the light hits goes through the skin and hits the injured area, it decreases pain and healing time. This treatment is helpful for neck pain, sprains, lower back pain, and more.

  • Trigger Point Therapy

The main focus of this type of therapy is releasing trigger points. A trigger point is when a spot within the skeletal muscle is producing pain when strained. This form of therapy is a fantastic way to give direct aid to these areas.

Trigger point therapy can be used to treat migraines, heel pain, and back pain.

  • Acupuncture

This is an ancient Chinese tradition that is based on energy balance. This form of therapy can be used as either an alternative form of medicine or an additional measure to add to existing treatment.

Acupuncture is ever-growing in popularity because of the benefits people have seen. If you would like to see these benefits for yourself, contact North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine.

 Finding A Houston TX Blue Shield chiropractor

When you come to a chiropractic center, be sure to have your medicare related information ready. Whichever treatment is prescribed, the chiropractic office will require you to agree before continuing treatment. Our site may be offered you more information about what we do. We also offer new patient paperwork on our website if you would prefer to fill them out before coming in for your appointment.

If you or someone you know is struggling with back or neck pain, give us a call at (281) 443-1287. Or visit us at our location.  Allow us to be your Houston TX Blue Shield chiropractor.

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