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Houston TX Aetna chiropractor deals with affordable payment options we can implement for you with your insurance company. Therefore, if you have a back problem that requires our attention, we’re more than welcome to accommodate you. A chiropractor is a practitioner who aligns your spinal column with relieving pain and physical ailment. Hence, if you’re experiencing any chronic muscle, back, or neck pain, we can assist. If you have auto-related injuries, our practice doesn’t hesitate to treat your injury. We accept Aetna and other forms of health insurance.

For example, if you’ve been an auto accident, your body is still reeling from, our techniques can help you. Your body can experience trauma that lingers for the remainder of your lifetime. Because of shock and fear, the physical injuries you sustain can become worse. Due to our high demand for those who have experienced accidents, we now specialize in treating injuries related to them. Therefore, you can come to us for your health care if you have an accident. According to the Association for Safe International Road Travel (ASIRT), twenty to fifty million people are injured or disabled in car accidents every year.

Houston TX aetna chiropractor

We support you through the pain.

Because of the high number, we took it upon ourselves to help out with physical injuries related to accidents. The stress and trauma of a crash can deliver headaches and migraines to your body that are very painful. For instance, migraines are excruciating and can last for days while dealing with a list of other adverse effects. If you’re experiencing nausea, dizziness, visual hallucinations, temporary vision loss, throbbing head pain, numbness, or other symptoms, physical therapy can help. Luckily North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine not only specializes in back pain. Through our chiropractic therapy, we can relieve some of your symptoms.

Call Your Houston TX Aetna Chiropractor for Car-Related Injuries

Unfortunately, your spine is one of the most vulnerable areas during a car crash. An accident puts stress or injury on your spine that can evolve into chronic pain. Because of the intricacy of the spine, other parts of your body may be affected as well. For instance, your spine is connected to a complex web of nerves attached to other parts of your body. Look at the spine as the bridge that connects your brain to the rest of your nerves in your body.

If the spine is affected at a particular part of your body, the nerves attached to that area may also become vulnerable. Plus, the other end of that nerve can suffer damage as well. In that sense, the spine is more important than people realize. It not only helps support your back, but it is an essential line of communication. Your spine is the gateway your brain needs to communicate with the rest of your body. Therefore, injuring it can lead to severe consequences. Plus, there are support items after an accident that actually may cause more pain to specific points of your body.

For instance, if you have a cast on your leg, you may be supporting yourself with crutches. There’s a chance this action may be causing you back pain. Therefore, choosing a capable chiropractor to resolve your issue makes all the difference. In any situation you may find yourself in; we can relieve your shoulder, neck, and back pain. As we apply gentle pressure to your spinal column and surrounding muscle structure, we can alleviate the pain you never thought possible. Houston TX Aetna chiropractor aims to help your physical injuries anyway we can after experiencing a traumatic accident.

Houston TX aetna chiropractor

Please call us if you have any back pain.

Other Pains We Relieve

If your spine is affected, you could feel a lot of discomfort in your neck as well. It is where the base of your spine begins. Therefore, you can imagine that it’s connected to a lot of your nerves. With that in mind, the neck is also more vital to your health than most people realize. Have you ever been to a gym and experience neck pain? A little later, you might feel that pain extends along your shoulder, arm, or other areas of your body. Hence, if you suffer from an accident, and you initially experience neck pain, other areas of your body may also be affected.

When your neck is damaged, the area starts to feel uncomfortable strain. Not to mention, your neck supports your head. Picture an infant first learning how to walk. Part of trying to get their balance comes with the difficulty of their body balancing their head when standing up straight. After they stand, they tend to fall over due to their body trying to get used to their newfound equilibrium. When your neck strains with an injury, it has to maintain still its functions of keeping your head balanced and supporting your spine’s connection with your nerves.

Houston TX aetna chiropractor

Conditions We Treat

Therefore, getting a neck injury becomes minor to severe, depending on the extent of the damage. The uncomfortable day-to-day pain you experience can seem daunting or frustrating. When this happens, consulting with your Houston TX Aetna chiropractor can make all the difference. North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine can alter your pain by pinpointing the issue. Plus, fixing your back and neck pain may do wonders for other pains such as your extremities. Your legs and arms could feel the effect of the injury, and we can help by addressing the entire skeletal structure.

Contact Us For Your Injuries

We believe in the holistic approach. Your body is made up of an intricate web of nerves, muscle tissue, and skeletal tissue. Therefore, if you’re experiencing lingering pain from an accident, we want to tackle the source. The only way we can pinpoint your pain is body studying your body as a whole. With our gentle techniques for pain relief, we’ll make sure you’re feeling better than you were before. If you’d like more information on our practice, feel free to call (281) 443-1287. North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine cares for your well being. Call us to get the Houston TX Aetna chiropractor you need.

Houston TX Fun Facts

  • There are more than 3500 restaurants on Westheimer Road in the city.
  • Houston was the capital of Texas from 1837 to 1839.
  • The city hosts the world’s largest livestock show.
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