The Woodlands TX Blue Cross Blue Shield Auto Accident Coverage

Are you searching “The Woodlands TX Blue Cross Blue Shield auto accident coverage?” North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine accepts blue cross and blue shield insurance. Our chiropractic clinic accepts various forms of health insurance company policies. If you receive a back, shoulder, or neck injury from a car crash, then our clinic can help you.

North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine offers premium health care for those who have suffered from a sports or car accident. These types of accidents can take a toll on the spine, which leads to issues in the shoulder, neck, arms, and legs. The spine connects to almost every other part of the body, so it is an essential area.

The Woodlands TX Blue Cross Blue Shield Auto Accident Coverage

Back pain is a severe issue that a chiropractor can help with.

That said, a spine injury can prove to be a world of hurt. Herniated discs are painful conditions that could affect your comfort throughout the day. Headaches, migraines, and pain in the extremities are all conditions North Houston Spine, and Sports Medicine can help with.

Chiropractor Timoty Runnels secured his degree after he was inspired as a personal trainer. Runnels would consistently work with athletes who had musculoskeletal injuries. These injuries were interesting to him, and so he started his medical education. Dr. Runnels believes in holistic healing and therapy as a way to treat these types of injuries.

Treatments Offered

North Houston Spine and Sport’s Medicine offers a wide range of treatment options. The treatment you will undergo may be different from another patient. The reason for this is every case is different. You may suffer from back pain while another patient receives constant migraines. These issues need to be tackled differently because each case is different.

Cold Laser Therapy

Patients may have heard of laser therapy, but cold laser therapy may be new to you. Cold laser therapy is a new form of treatment. There is not a lot of data on this kind of treatment because of the recent development, but the treatment is completely safe. A laser about the size of a flashlight will go over the injured area. The light will pass through the skin and reach the affected area. Then, the laser activates intracellular metabolism, which decreases pain and stiffness.

There are a number of injuries cold laser therapy can treat. Below, you will find a list of some conditions that can benefit from this treatment option.

The Woodlands TX Blue Cross Blue Shield Auto Accident Coverage

The Woodlands TX Blue Cross Blue Shield auto accident coverage

  • Ligament sprains
  • Muscle sprains
  • Neck pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Knee pain
  • Muscle spasm pain


Physiotherapy believes in the treatment of disease, injury, or deformity through physical methods. Methods may include heat treatment, exercise, and massages. These methods take the place of standard medication. Overall, physiotherapy encourages patients to improve their muscular flexibility to overcome physical issues. Physiotherapy aims to reduce pain and improve mobility.

Chiropractic care is different from physiotherapy in one big way. Firstly, a physiotherapist cannot treat your spine issues, but they can look at your range of motion and limitations. A chiropractor will use X-rays and MRIs to determine what exactly is wrong with your spine. From there, they will offer treatment options. Types of physiotherapy include electrical muscle stimulation, ultrasounds, and interferential electro-therapy.

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point therapy is another type of treatment we offer at North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine. This type of therapy focuses on, well, trigger points within the skeletal muscle. These points within the body can create pain if they are strained over time. The goal of trigger point therapy is to apply pressure to the point. Doing so will relieve stress, pain, or improve another type of injury.

Issues with your trigger points can produce pain, bruises, nerve, or muscle damage. Muscular knots appear when your muscular fibers have sustained trauma. Car accidents or sports injuries can easily damage these precious fibers. Massage and dry needling is the best way to remove the knots. Dry needling when very small needles target the knots. Dry needling can speed up the healing process, and Dr. Runnels will ensure your comfort and safety.

The Woodlands TX Blue Cross Blue Shield Auto Accident Coverage

Surgical and non-surgical spinal decompression are available treatment options.

Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression is a surgical procedure that stretches your back. Daily weight on our back slowly causes strain and stress. The spine is not a well-designed structure, which means it wears and tears over time. Pain can occur from the strain your back is putting on your muscles or even nerves. Spinal decompression aims to remove the stress off of your muscles and nerves by stretching you back.

The pressure between the vertebra can build up, and this procedure will remove those. Furthermore, the spine is a highway for nutrients. They pass through the area to get to other parts of the body fast. Spinal decompression can increase the flow of that highway. If you are interested in spinal decompression, then you have two different kinds to choose from: surgical and non-surgical.

Non-surgical spinal decompression is a long and complex process. It requires several visits to the office for many months and the use of a special machine. The non-surgical form is performed alongside hot and cold therapy and electro stimulation.

The other type of spinal decompression is surgical, and there are many different ways it can be done. Overall, the doctor will remove a part of your vertebra to reduce the stress on the spine. The piece of vertebra removed could be a small portion of a spinal disk or and arch.

The Woodlands TX Blue Cross Blue Shield Auto Accident Coverage

If you are searching “The Woodlands TX Blue Cross Blue Shield auto accident coverage,” then give North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine a call today. Our team of physicians and nurses would be happy to help your injured back, shoulders, or neck. Get in touch with the team by calling (281) 443-1287. Patients shouldn’t have to live with chronic back pain. Dr. Runnels can help you feel better with a wide variety of treatment options. Patients should also visit our website to find more information about the conditions we treat. The clinic is capable of treating a wide range of injuries. Patients should stop searching “The Woodlands TX Blue Cross Blue Shield auto accident coverage” and start calling North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine.

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