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Are you looking for Spring, TX Car Accident Chiropractor Near Me? North Houston Spine is the solution for you during this challenging time. Car accidents can be extremely traumatic events, both physically and mentally.

Unfortunately, they are staggeringly common. It is almost guaranteed that you will be in an auto accident at some point in your life. We want to help you recover from this event. If you are in pain caused recently from a crash or in the past, come to North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine.

You may be dealing with a variety of painful limitations. Car accidents can cause injury to your back, neck, and head, as well as all of your extremities. In this article, we want to talk about how much car accidents affect our population daily and how chiropractic care can help you recover.

How Serious Are Car Accidents?

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Auto accidents have become a worldwide epidemic. The Association for Safe International Road Travel, ASIRT, has provided us with annual global road crash statistics. According to them, there are 20-50 million people injured or disabled by car accidents every year. On average, 3,287 people die every day from these accidents. That is 1.25 million people per year.

As you can see, that number is overwhelming. The ASIRT predicts that road traffic will become the fifth leading cause of death by 2030. That is less than 11 years away!

But what are we do? This epidemic is costing us millions every year and leaving too many injured people in its wake. While no one of us can solve this worldwide issue on our own, nor can we reverse the necessity of cars, we can take steps to prevent more accidents and help more people recover from their accidents.

Many people have been dealing with the after-effects of accidents years after the fact. You may feel like you will not be able to escape your pain. You deserve to live a life free of that. While we cannot prevent car accidents from happening, we can prevent your pain from progressing.

Common Injuries Caused by Auto Accidents

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What are some typical injuries auto accident victims experience?

We will take a look at the typical injuries you might sustain during a car accident that can be treated with chiropractic care.

Back Pain

After your accident, you may have gotten a crick in your back that never went away. Of course, you were sitting when you got into your accident, and therefore a lot of strain or sudden trauma was placed on your back. Whether it is from muscular, skeletal, or nerve pain, we can help you get on the road to recovery so you can escape this.

Neck Pain

Your neck and spine are a part of the same skeletal system. It follows that if one were hurt, the other would be too. Whiplash is caused when your neck suddenly turns, usually resulting from a car crash, causing you severe strain in your neck. A chiropractor can treat this painful condition.

Headaches and Migraines

Anything that harms your spine and neck is going to affect your head. Headaches and migraines may be very common for you now, especially if you suffered from a concussion early on. Migraines are caused by a neurological disorder and can be reoccurring in your day-to-day life. Throbbing pain coupled with disorientation can never be pleasant.

Sprains and Strains

Your body may have been pushed in ways it wasn’t used to going during or after your accident. Therefore, it is prevalent for people to walk away with severe sprains or strain in their bodies. You will feel very physically limited and will want to seek treatment. We have everything you need to get past this.

Seeking Health Care for Auto Injuries

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After visiting a primary practitioner, you may have realized that they cannot do much more for you. Pain medication can only go so far. You don’t just want to stop feeling your pain; you want it to be gone. Your discomfort associated with it is unshakeable and needs to be addressed. Many people are finding that their primary care is not enough. You need real, long-term benefits in your care. You want to live your life free of pain.

We want you to live your life free of pain as well. Visiting a chiropractor will be life-changing for you. We specialize in relieving your pain and enabling you to recover physically. With your life ahead of you pain-free, you can do anything. Don’t tolerate this pain anymore. You want better for yourself.

Our chiropractor can perform full-body adjustments, cold laser therapy, acupuncture, and many more to help you along. Your body, with the right amount of attention and a helping hand, can heal itself from your recent traumatic event. After just one appointment, our clients have reported an instant change. Many of them have been to several medical practitioners for the same issue but did not find relief. We will not be one of those situations. After leaving your first appointment with North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine, you will feel the change.

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Spring, TX Fun Facts

  1. This city was initially called “Camp Spring” by settlers.
  2. Harris County and Montgomery County make up Spring together.
  3. As of last year, 61 thousand people were estimated to live there.
  4. To find out more about Spring, visit their county website here.


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