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Suppose you are looking for Spring Texas auto injury chiropractic care. North Houston Spine is the place for you. Have you considered getting a consultation? Since we are in the Spring area, North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine can see you today, and we can even offer you a free consultation to get you treated right away. It’s never a good idea to go without treatment when you get an auto injury.

While it may not be severe enough to incur medical attention from the hospital, it could still be dangerous. That’s why we want to recommend chiropractic care for you. It could reveal further injury or simply give the kind of physical therapy and musculoskeletal work that could aid you. We can take care of your injuries and provide the care you need to get you back to your healthiest state. Come and see for yourself!

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Taking Care Of Auto Accident Injuries Is Our Specialty

While we receive a vast amount of clients with many different ailments, one of the most common cases that we deal with is auto injuries. When someone has sustained an auto injury, it can be a big deal.

Of course, even if it was a minor issue, you should probably get some medical attention just to be sure. There are plenty of injuries that will get worse over time, so it’s smart to keep track of your injuries, however severe they are or not.

Injuries that we are very effective in treating can entail whiplash, or bruising, both internal and external—realigning your spine, working with your joints and tendons, as well as another option we offer. In a wreck, there is a lot of momentum going against you, and resisting, it is likely to make things worse. Your body can be tossed and pulled in every direction. It can cause your body to stretch in ways that aren’t safe.

A strain in the muscles or a herniated disc in your spine can be excruciating. It can even lead to more issues, such as nerve damage. When these types of injuries occur in car accidents, you will undoubtedly want to see a chiropractor. We deal with these types of cases all the time, so our experience and expertise are unparalleled.

What Sort Of Services Do You Offer To Help?

In addition to the traditional adaptation, the average customer can be offered a


North Houston Spine specializes in chiropractic care to help assist you with minor injuries without needing pain killers!

variety of options. This involves point therapy and treatment for spinal decompression. It can also include ultrasound, muscle stimulation using electricity, and even new experimental options like cold laser therapy. These treatments can provide the customer with different advantages.

Spinal adjustments can work on stretching muscles, relocating joints, and adjusting your back for better posture. You can also use spinal adjustments to fix a loose disk, stretch muscles, and reduce nerve tension and decrease the overall pressure of your spine. Acupuncture and trigger point therapy will also provide advantages in turn. They use the needles to hit direct locations that need healing, or they incur full-body healing. It is one of those diverse options that we provide, which isn’t common everywhere.

Our Practice

At North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine, we have a deep fascination for chiropractic and want to share this passion with the world. After being in the field for over 20 years, you begin to learn the ways to work that make it worthwhile. That’s why we want to keep helping our clients because it has been our experience that dedication to the client is always the best route no matter what. We find solace in enlightening them from pains they may feel.

Our equipment is so advanced that it allows us to run some of the most revolutionary techniques in the world of chiropractic. Through these modern means and the traditional methods, we can provide incredible results to our clients. With the insight of the owners, Theresa and Dr. Timothy Runnels, people can get the extensive care that they need.

Additionally, the discipline of our team is something to note. We can promise

Spring TX Physical Therapy

There are many different treatments available for physiotherapy. North Houston Spine specializes in many holistic and modern treatments to help get your body back to its natural state. 

that you will always be able to walk in and get a free consultation. Each visit will also include a spinal adjustment. This way, we can ensure the highest quality chiropractic care in the Greater Houston and Spring area. After being founded in 1999, we moved to Spring in 2005, but we still cater to people all over the city. Regardless of the issue, it could be an auto accident, a sports injury, or just an everyday problem — we can help!


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North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine is grateful to provide you with full access to our high-quality treatments. It is riveting to help our clients heal, and we enjoy seeing them get back to full fitness. With our blend of traditional chiropractic care and physical therapy, you can notice a more effective recovery plan that is more diverse and holistic than the average.

This is why we believe our chiropractic care can truly make a powerful impact on your life. If you’re looking to come walk-in, please feel free! This courtesy is our gift to the modern world; we are happy to provide immediate service when clients need it most. If you are searching for Spring Texas auto injury chiropractic care, you can check out our website or give us a call at (281) 443-1287.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Spring, TX Fun Facts

  1. The city of Spring was #5 on CNN Money Magazine’s most affordable places to live
  2. Spring, Texas is located in two counties – Harris County and Montgomery County
  3. No zoning laws – this increases the importance of subdivision deed restrictions
  4. To learn more about Spring Texas, click here!

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