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Are you in need of Spring Texas accident chiropractic care? Perhaps you have been in an accident recently, and it has caused you grave stress. Every person needs a little session with the chiropractor to get their body back in shape and help to expand the joints and muscles in the back. However, if you’ve been in an accident lately, it’s incredibly important to go and see a professional so that they can free you of your discomfort. After a wreck, you could be susceptible to a lot of very adverse effects. We don’t want to see you hurt even for a little bit, that’s why we provide you with a free consultation right away. At North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine, our main priority is making sure people are healthy and strong.

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What Injuries Could I Sustain In A Car Wreck?

When it comes to a car crash, there could be many different issues that occur. If you are hurt in an accident, it is possible to receive multiple injuries as a result. From being cut by shattered glass, to the seat belt rubbing against your skin. People experience bruising and strain on their muscles and tendons. Whiplash is an incredibly dangerous result of a crash that can happen even if the accident is not that serious. Whiplash is typically a neck injury resulting from the force of the accident, usually involving rapid back-and-forth movement of the neck.

Of course, we aren’t talking about the type of severe injuries that could occur, such as gashes, broken bones, or internal issues with the organs that need to be directly taken care of by the physicians and surgeons at the hospital. However, if the injuries are not as severe, like the ones we mentioned earlier, we can help. Even after the surgery or emergency room visit, we can help you make a full recovery.

For example, if you had a broken bone and got the surgery, we can work with you to rehabilitate your injury. This is where we come most in handy because often, a physical therapist won’t be able to provide extensive treatment. Furthermore, our head chiropractor is certified for physical therapy, as well. This way, we can take a multi-field approach to heal you and work with you at each stage of the process.

Services That Help

Many treatments usually are most effective; they range from long term sessions to immediate services. Each one can potentially help you regain mobility, relieve pain, or work your body back to coordination. Sometimes if it was a severe accident, our clients come to us with minimal motor skills, and we must work with them step by step to bring them back to full health. Below is a list of some of the treatments that we offer!

Post Surgical Rehabilitation. As is the case for most severe accidents, you will most likely have to undergo surgery. This can leave you weak and in need of long recovery time. Furthermore, if you aren’t actively healing during this time, you can lose many of the skills and abilities from that injury. This is why this sort of therapy must follow patients who have just finished the surgery. Chiropractic care can help them stay on course with their healing, so they don’t lose anything in the process. This will apply to the back, but also the shoulders, arms, and legs as well. We can work to retrain your body back to its original strength and coordination.

Physio Therapy. Our founder Dr. Timothy Runnels began his career as a physical trainer, so we have an excellent background in this area of expertise. It essentially regards increasing the range of motion and flexibility of the body. A chiropractor can strengthen your musculoskeletal


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system through active movement and low resistance rehabilitation.

Digital X-Rays. There are usually a lot of loopholes involved with receiving X-Ray examinations. Often, you have to schedule an appointment and wait through all the bureaucracy of the hospital to get them in your hands. That’s usually the routine that most chiropractor clients have to deal with. Fortunately, we provide X-rays in our office.

About Us

North Houston Spine was established over twenty years ago, at a time when a chiropractic clinic was only starting to gain popularity. In 1999, we founded our company, and in 2005, we moved to the Spring area. We have a superb practice, run by founders Theresa and Dr. Timothy Runnels, who ensure that every client is treated with care and poise.

That’s actually what makes our business stand out, aside from the technological advances, of course. Our excellent customer care is one of the details in which we take so much pride in. We ensure all our customers are treated like family. We are here to show you that we care, from offering a free consultation to providing a free reversal during each visit. It’s not just a company, it’s a traditional holistic method that we use to cure people effectively. Our clinic is one of the most diverse and certified in acupuncture, physical treatment, and chiropractic.

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Spring, TX Fun Facts

  1. The city of Spring was #5 on CNN Money Magazine’s most affordable places to live
  2. Spring, Texas is located in two counties – Harris County and Montgomery County
  3. No zoning laws – this increases the importance of subdivision deed restrictions
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