Blue Cross Blue Shield Auto Accident Coverage Houston TX

Patients searching “Houston TX Blue Cross Blue Shield auto accident coverage” should contact North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine. Dr. Runnels and his team offer the highest possible health care services for your spine. The North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine team provide primary care to those who have been injured by an auto or sports accident.

You may be wondering what kind of health insurance the clinic covers. Well, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas are primary insurance plans we accept. Of course, patients can also use a wide range of insurance policies they may have.

If you wake up in an emergency room and are experiencing severe pain and stiffness, a chiropractor may be able to help you. Spine problems can generate chronic pain, which leads to worse issues later. The spine connects to many parts of the body, and constant pain will lead to pain in other areas.

The shoulders, neck, and extremities are common areas we see affected. Fortunately, North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine offer a wide variety of therapies to reduce pain and improve comfort. Our specialization is in auto accidents and sports injuries. If you have suffered from one of these injuries, then get in touch with our team. Call now for the best Houston TX Blue Cross Blue Shield auto accident coverage.

Houston TX Blue Cross Blue Shield Auto Accident Coverage

Auto accidents occur substantially more in the U.S. than anywhere else.

Auto Injuries

20 to 50 million people are injured or disable by car accidents every year. Car accidents cause a wide variety of injuries, and some are associated with the spine. If you have been in a car accident, then you may have sustained stress to your spine. The spine is a unique part of the body because it connects to almost every part of the body. The neck, shoulders, and extremities can be affected by issues originating in the spine.


Headaches and migraines have very similar symptoms, but they are different when it comes to severity. Headaches usually only last a few hours and can be treated with rest and hydration. Migraines are capable of lasting for days and require a more extensive treatment plan. Migraines can also lead to symptoms like nausea, dizziness, and even visual hallucinations. Physical therapy can reduce these issues that may be affecting you.

Back Pain

The back is the most vulnerable part of your body during a car accident. The impact can cause pressure to apply to your spine, which may cause damage or stress. Furthermore, if your back did not sustain an injury, then you may have gotten an injury that will indirectly affect your spine. For example, if you broke your leg, then you may need crutches, which lead to stress in your back. Your back can be relieved of stress and pain using North Houston Spine and Sport’s Medicine services.

Neck and Extremities

The spine is connected to the neck, so if your spine received an injury, then your neck may experience some pain. The base of your spine starts in the neck, so it only makes sense for the two to be connected with pain. Uncomfortable strain can lead to tough days. Performing day-to-day activities may difficult with the amount of discomfort you may experience.

Houston TX Blue Cross Blue Shield Auto Accident Coverage

Houston TX Blue Cross Blue Shield auto accident coverage

The extremities may also experience similar pain as your neck. The spine supports the entire skeletal structure, so your arms and legs may also experience the same stress. North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine can help patients with the discomfort they may be experiencing in their neck or extremities.

Disc Injury

Spinal disc injuries are one of the most serious conditions a car accident can cause. However, there are other risk factors for disc injuries. These injuries are some of the most painful and have great sensitivity. If a disc injury is suspected, then our team can run tests like X-rays or a CT scan. A common disc injury is what is known as a herniated disc. Herniated discs are also called slipped, bulged, or ruptured discs as well. This form of disc injury is not detectable through X-rays or CT scans.

Those imaging systems can help rule out other disc injuries you may have sustained. A myelogram may be used to detect the pressure of your spine. Pressure in the spine is one reason why a herniated disc may occur. If you are suffering from a herniated disc, then you have a few treatment options.

Firstly, a common treatment is known as spinal decompression. This will help realign the herniated disc. It is most likely the spine sustained the injury via compression on the spine. Decompression is usually performed over several weeks with strength exercises and medication. Spine decompression is known as a conservative route. There are many other ways of treating this issue, such a surgery.

Houston TX Blue Cross Blue Shield Auto Accident Coverage

There are a number of ways to treat herniated discs.

Surgery is an option for those who suffer from chronic pain, and other treatments do not work within six weeks. The lack of recovery will prompt surgery, which will remove the protruding disk. Once removed, the vertebra will be fused back together with a metal piece. In more serious cases, the surgeon may replace the disc altogether with a synthetic version.

Houston TX Blue Cross Blue Shield Auto Accident Coverage

There are a wide variety of spinal injuries you can sustain during an auto accident. Sports injuries can lead to other issues, as well. North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine is dedicated to relieving stress and pain in the spine, neck, shoulders, and extremities. Pain or discomfort in these areas can cause major issues. Dr. Runnels and his team of nurses want to help you feel better than before your accident.

North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine offers several treatment options for a wide variety of injuries. Patients should get in touch with our clinic by calling (281) 443-1287. You do not have to suffer from chronic back pain any longer. Be sure to visit our auto injury website to find more information on the injuries we treat and the treatments we offer.

The team at North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine will make you feel comfortable and welcome in our clinic. So, stop searching “Houston TX Blue Cross Blue Shield auto accident coverage” and start calling North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine.

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