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Are you looking for a Spring Texas chiropractor adjustment? North Spine Houston could be just the right place to get you back on your feet. Many effects could lead to back pains or discomfort in general. It could come from sports injuries, auto accidents, illnesses, and more.

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The issue could’ve just started or been with you for years. Regardless, at North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine, our chiropractic clinic will be second to none. Get your spinal adjustments on the very first day! We don’t want to keep our patients waiting, especially if the pain has been chronic.


Our priority is returning patients back to their healthiest state. We’ll even offer you a free consultation just to get started. Don’t spend another day in pain when it could be extinguished at the hands of a professional. Improve your health today! Our practice covers years and years of study, and we take pride in providing highly qualified chiropractic care.

What Is An Adjustment?

To put it in simple terms, this is when a chiropractor applies a direct and sudden force to a spinal joint. This can be with their hands or a small tool. The process, which is also called spinal manipulation, will exert a powerful jolt to a particular joint to realign it. This will be done to increase the mobility of the spine. However, many issues could be resolved from an adjustment. People who find themselves with neck problems or knots that restrict movement can be relieved through adjustments. Often times, it is an issue arising from the physical toll your body takes, and your musculoskeletal system requires alignment. Instead of training your body to compensate for the pain that you feel or the lack of function, a mere adjustment can have you back to your full range in no time. A few simple adjustments can make such a difference.


What Is The History Behind Chiropractic?

The very first man to ever practice chiropractic care was Daniel David Palmer in 1895. After years of studying the ancient traditions of

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massaging and holistic healing, he had begun to understand certain techniques and philosophies. Before Palmer mastered chiropractic therapy, he was known for his obscure medical practices using magnets. However, his pursuit was tireless. Through the culmination of thousands of years of exploration in the field, Palmer’s fascination only increased as he sought to organize and cultivate this undeveloped study.

His opportunity to exonerate the field arose when he met a janitor who had been deaf for nearly 17 years. Apparently, when he worked, there was a shift in his spine that made him immediately lose his hearing. After learning that this shift in the spine was a displaced vertebra, Palmer had an adjustment to fix it. If he replaces the vertebra, then his hearing might return. After successfully replacing the vertebra, the janitor had regained his hearing instantly. It has since been the most extraordinary feat in chiropractic history and has set a precedent for the future in this field. Palmer found a school of chiropractic where he continued to explore all the wonders of this ancient practice.

Our Practice

At North Houston Spine & Sports Medicine, we feel the same fascination for chiropractic as Palmer. It is quite a wondrous feeling when helping our patients. A lot of the time, they are undergoing immense pain or confusion over their ailments. We find solace in enlightening them. However, unlike Palmer, we are far more developed and offer much more than an adjustment alone. Our equipment is all state of the art and allows us to run some of the most revolutionary techniques in the world of chiropractic.

For instance, we can aid in spinal decompression, diathermy, cold laser therapy, and trigger point therapy. Under the guidance of the owners, Theresa and Dr. Timothy Runnels, people can get the extensive care that they need. Dr. Runnels is even a qualified acupuncturist, which could be a highlight for those that prefer more holistic practices. Through the discipline of our team, we can ensure the highest quality chiropractic care in the Greater Houston and Spring area.

We take pride in providing the service that could relieve your pain is a pillar of our philosophy and a cornerstone of our business. Our chiropractor will perform a thorough examination, and after finding out the ailment, you’ll be one step closer to healing. A chiropractic adjustment can make a significant impact on your health. Whether it be a strain in your neck from sleeping wrong or perhaps nerve damage from a car accident. Whatever the case, we can offer a treatment plan just right for you.

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Consider getting an adjustment; we don’t want you to spend another day in pain. Especially if it’s been chronic for a long time, that can lead to complications that don’t even include the original injury. We want to improve your overall health. Problems such as

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compensation can be a real burden on a person, and that can create even more problems.

Get the help you need today, let us return you to your best, where you are healthy and on the move! Our years of experience can help you regain your health and fitness. If you have an interest in getting an appointment, you can visit North Houston Spine and stop searching for Spring TX Chiropractor Adjustment and fill out our new patient form or give us a call at (281) 443-1287.


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