When you are in a serious auto accident or a very jolting activity, whiplash can be a very severe issue. This term refers to the effect that a force done to your neck creates. When there is a rapid back and forth movement the occurs, it can cause your neck to bob uncontrollably in response. This will, in turn, cause an array of issues and ailments. In order to understand whiplash, and how best to prevent it, we have created this webpage. Our goal is to inform our readers about the importance of awareness. These simple facts could save your life, or protect you from endangering yourself.

How Can Whiplash Happen?

There are a lot of different ways that you can add strain on the neck. Yet the most common causes are the ones stated earlier. These are car accidents, sports injuries, or other excitable activities. If in the event of a car crash, let’s say that you were the subject of a hit and run. Another car drives behind you and smashes into the back from of your car. They were going very fast, and you were not moving at all. The force that is placed onto your body, as a result, is very strong. You are going from zero motion to a high velocity in an extremely short amount of time. When this occurs, its usually the seat or the seat belt which cushions us. Usually, the best they do is hold us in place. As you are behind held back by, the incredibly large force acting upon you still continues but is constricted. This constriction will try and bring your neck and head back to level ground. The consequence of trying to counteract this large force is that the muscles in the neck will have to work extra hard to resist the movement. If the resistance is not strong enough to safely return the head back to normal positioning, it will strain the neck. Depending on how strained the muscles of the neck are when this force is resisted, it could be incredibly severe.

What Kind Of Pain Does Whiplash Cause?

If you sustain an injury that is less serious, you may not feel much pain at all. Typically it can feel like a constant sharpness that makes your head hurt from various sensations. The neck is very sensitive and we are used to using it all the time. When you are injured, however, the body will move and it may not be as pain-free. Even if the injury is slight, you may feel discomfort from moving your neck around. If it is more serious, the pain will increase and the lack of mobility will, too. There will be symptoms such as fatigue and dizziness. You may not be able to move your back or shoulders either because of how sensitive it is. Most of these issues will occur within 24 hours. Make sure to keep your neck still during the early stages of the injury, as it will reduce the chance of additional injury.

How Can I Treat Whiplash?

Usually, the best way to treat an injury such as this is through rest and rehabilitation. When injuries are sustained to the neck or other areas of high activity, it’s very important to let it rest. These regions of the body are used very often and in almost every situation. Because of this, they can be very difficult to heal and even the slightest aggravation can cause the injury to recur. If you’re in this situation, rest is the best medicine. Otherwise, if the pain persists beyond that you should consider seeing a doctor and/or chiropractor. They will be able to assess the issue directly and determine what needs to be done next. A lot of the times these issues can be resolved by techniques such as spinal decompression and even acupuncture. The key is to be patient and give out all of the information about how it feels. This will help the doctor make the most informed decision on how to fix your pain. North Houston Spine and Sports Medicine is a great place for you to get a consultation that effective in pinpointing your problems and connecting them with solutions. If you’re experiencing neck pain, come see us today and get it sorted out!